5 Innovative Natural Ways to Reverse Heart Disease

how to reverse heart disease

So, you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease and you find yourself desperately needing to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. You also find yourself wondering how to reverse heart disease and prevent a heart attack from occurring. Well, new research from the Preventive Medicine Research Institute says that you absolutely can reverse some of the damage done to your heart. Heart disease has been the leading cause of death among Americans for decades. This trend started with the rise of fast food meals leading to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Learn how to reverse heart disease today by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

1. Meditate

Meditation can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death by around 50%, according to a new clinical trial. Scientists found that mental focusing and relaxation can be just as effective as the new super drugs that treat heart disease. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an Indian guru, invented the transcendental meditation technique in the 1950s. This particular type of meditation improves mental focus, reduces blood pressure, and controls stress. If you are wondering how to reverse heart disease, try transcendental meditation.

2. Get Moving

Doctors have known for years that a sedentary lifestyle is the top risk factor for heart disease. Luckily for you, it is the one risk factor that you can do something to change. Get regular exercise to strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve your circulation, and oxygenate your entire body.

3. Cut out Saturated Fat

Your intake of saturated fat should be less than 7% of your calories for the day. In order to cut out saturated fats, you need to be aware of what to avoid. Red meats, processed foods, fried foods, sweets and are loaded in saturated fats. Specific foods to avoid include butter, cheese, cream, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, chocolate, suet, tallow, lard, and cottonseed oil. Choose heart-healthy sources of fat, like salmon and other fish, olives, and nuts.

4. Eat Better

Since one of the primary causes of atherosclerosis is consuming a poor diet, one way to reduce your cardiovascular event risk and reverse heart disease is to eat better. When you eat, there is a surge of post-meal byproducts surging through your bloodstream. This flood has some potentially catastrophic consequences, like oxidized LDL cholesterol (bad) and other materials entering the small arterial cracks. By eating less of the foods that are loaded with this bad source of cholesterol, you reduce your heart disease risk. The best foods are fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean protein sources, and seeds.

5. Get the Right Vitamins and Minerals

While exercise, dietary modification, and stress reduction is important, a supplemental nutrient “cocktail” has been found to reduce heart attack risk and arterial plaque volume. The first nutrient you need is niacin. Scientists found that this substance affects LDL cholesterol size. This means that you have less risk of plaque formation. What’s more, niacin promotes the HDL cholesterol development. A second nutrient of significant value is vitamin D. The D vitamin reduces heart disease by preventing LDL cholesterol from oxidizing of creating plaque in the arteries. More research found that this nutrient works at the genetic level with cellular replication and inflammation control. Finally, amino acids that occur naturally when vitamin C is consumed reduce plaque volume. Two of these are lysine and proline, and they work with the vitamin C to reduce and reverse heart disease. Vitamin C is a nutrient vital to maintain normal elasticity of the arterial walls and prevent clot formation.

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