5 Natural Health Tips For A Better And Happier Life

natural health tips

Although advances in medicine have made a profound effect on our health and longevity, there is still a reason to rely on Mother Nature to keep our bodies and minds sound and healthy. In many cases, taking the time to use natural health tips early can prevent the need for expensive and sometimes dangerous medications later. There are some changes that everyone can make to their lifestyle, using natural products that can improve their health now and in the future.

  • Eat natural foods. One of the biggest threats to health today is obesity. It is responsible for premature heart attacks, stroke, gall bladder problems, high blood pressure, and even diabetes and cancer. While the sheer volume of food eaten is part of the problem, another part is what is being eaten – and in many cases it is food saturated with sugar and fat. Sticking to more natural foods that are lower in calories, such as fish, fruit, and vegetables can help to trim off excess pounds or prevent them from being slapped on in the first place.
  • Exercise for health. It was a bit astounding to me to find out that after people turn 50, a great many of them go into slow motion. They stop exercising and become sedentary. This leads to a whole range of problems such as obesity and circulation troubles. Lack of exercise also contributes to osteoporosis. A great natural health tip for everyone, regardless of age, is to exercise. You needn’t worry about running 5 miles or ‘pressing iron’, either, a daily walk and some aerobics can help keep your muscles and bones strong, lower blood pressure, and help you keep unwanted pounds off.
  • Rest is just as important as exercise or proper diet. When we don’t get adequate sleep, we put ourselves at risk. People who are tired will have compromised immune systems, leaving them more vulnerable to illness. Lack of sleep increases the possibility of having an accident, especially when driving or at work. Cardiac problems are more likely to arise when you don’t get enough sleep, along with high blood pressure and stroke. And, being tired can just make you grouchy and depressed.
  • While it might be argued that alcohol and tobacco products are natural, there is nothing natural about the damage they do to the body. There are so many dangerous health problems associated with both of them, that an entire book could be filled. Both alcohol and tobacco are highly addictive, and this is why it’s so hard to quit. Ginseng, St. John’s Wort, and hypnosis can help you beat your cigarette addiction. (My aunt went cold turkey when they showed her a picture of the lung they had just removed from her). Those who want to give up alcohol will want to help wash the accumulated toxins out of their bodies, and drinking a lot of water and fruit juices can help with this. Kudzu tea can diminish your craving for alcohol and celery juice and apples can also help get you over the alcohol hump.
  • Mother Nature has provided us with a powerful tool that few of us use as they should – our brain. One of the best ways to unleash the power of your brain is through meditation. This is a step-by-step process that not only teaches you how to achieve full relaxation, but that also ‘tunes up’ your brain so that it works better, acquires knowledge more easily, and is more responsive to the needs of your body. Meditation can help bring both hemispheres of the brain into alignment for more effective thinking power. You will also release more neurotransmitters and endorphins when you meditate, that will help you deal with life better and feel happier, too.

If you feel that your health is not what it should be, you should first visit your family physician for a checkup, but if nothing serious shows up, why not use natural health tips to feel better? In many cases, only a relatively slight adjustment in lifestyle is necessary, and you have only your health to regain.

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