6 Cures For Panic Attacks: Turn Your Life Around

a cure for panic attack

No one who has ever experienced a panic attack will soon forget it. Striking out of the blue, in most cases, usually without a specific triggering event, panic attacks cause a number of physical and mental symptoms that can make your life miserable. Those who experience one of these attacks will find that they have an overwhelming feeling of inescapable doom, palpitating heartbeat, dizziness, and even chest pains. While the majority of panic attacks can be categorized as not causing any physical damage, it is always best to check with your physician after the first one to make sure that there is not an underlying medical condition that needs attention.

Regardless of what your symptoms may be, everyone who has had one will want a cure for panic attacks as quickly as possible. It is certainly possible to place yourself under the hands of a psychologist or psychiatrist and use sedatives or other mood altering medications to at least mask panic attacks, but learning how to cure them on your own will be a much better, and less expensive, approach.

  • Face your panic attack head on to help overcome future ones. Panic attacks are like bullies, they don’t like to be confronted – let the attack come on, and you’ll see that there isn’t as much to it as you may have thought.
  • Another effective cure for panic attacks is meditation. Meditation helps to calm down our over-excited brain, and can help not only to halt a panic attack in its tracks, but also make it less likely that you will experience another one. By helping to release greater amounts of the vital brain chemical, GABA, you will be calmed and better able to deal with life in general.
  • When a panic attack strikes, the tendency is to take quick, shallow breaths, which will cause you to hyperventilate. When you hyperventilate, you actually breathe out too much carbon dioxide, which will contribute to feeling dizzy or to chest pains. A cure for this panic attack symptom is to breathe into a paper bag for several seconds – this will help to restore the balance of oxygen to carbon dioxide in your blood. It also helps to force you to breathe deeply.
  • Tiredness is only a part of not getting an adequate amount of sleep; it can also affect your immune system, making it much more likely that a panic attack will occur. People who have irregular sleep cycles will be more prone to insomnia and will be putting themselves at risk for another attack. Deciding on a consistent time to go to bed to get up will make it more likely that you will get a normal amount of sleep.
  • We all know how beneficial exercise is to our hearts, balance, and body strength, but did you know that it is also a good cure for panic attacks? When we exercise, we tend to breathe more deeply than we otherwise would, which will short circuit the panting breathing that often accompanies a panic attack. Exercise also helps to distract you from the panic attack.
  • Avoiding substances such as alcohol, recreational drugs, and caffeinated beverages can also help provide a cure for panic attacks. All of these affect your body chemistry and your mental state, making you more susceptible to an attack.

It is important to find a cure for panic attacks as soon as you begin experiencing them. Unless you take steps to stop these attacks, there is the possibility that they will become worse and worse, and some people eventually find that they come to dominate their lives. In the more extreme cases, people become afraid to leave the house or apartment and can become seriously depressed. Family and friends can help you overcome these attacks and return your life to normal, so don’t be hesitant about seeking their support.

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