Alternative Medicine Techniques that Work

alternative medicine techniques

Mind-body techniques and alternative medicine therapies are focused on the theory that emotional and mental factors actually influence physical health. There are several methods that prevent disease, preserve health, and alter the mental and physical being. The benefits of alternative medicine techniques are vast. They cure panic attacks and anxiety, ease chronic pain, eliminate depression, and aide in childbirth. This guide explains each method. Find out which one could work for you.


Through meditation, people control their attention on inner and outer experiences. Meditation involves resting or sitting quietly with your eyes closed. This gives you time to focus on a particular thought or feeling. Some individuals find that repeating a mantra augments the experiences. A mantra involves the repeating a phrase over and over to allow the person better focus. Meditating heightens brain activity, especially the areas of mental clarity. Other benefits include physical relaxation, amended mood, and mental calmness.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is principally the use of mental images to endorse wellness and relaxation, facilitate healing, and reduce pain. Many find it also helpful for healing psychological trauma. With this alternative medicine practice, you simply use your imagination to put yourself somewhere else. Also, practitioners encourage patients to imagine their bodies fighting off the illness.


Various relaxation techniques allow you to decrease your pressure and worry. Just simple deep breathing lowers the blood pressure and alters mind wave action. Relaxation methods are often combined with other alternative medicine techniques, such as guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and meditation.


Hypnotherapy is an alternative method that is stemmed from the Western world. With this technique, people are guided into an advanced state of heightened attention and relaxation. Hypnotized individuals are focused on images suggested by the therapist and are able to purge disbelief and doubt. Through hypnotherapy, you can treat a variety of physical and emotional illnesses. Hypnosis is also useful for smoking cessation and weight loss.


This practice of alternative medicine allows the unconscious to be brought under conscious control. Biofeedback revolves around the utilization of electronic devices that measure and report information. This could be the blood pressure, the respiratory rate, or the heart rate. A therapist guides you toward regulation of your bodily functions. Many find that biofeedback is useful for the cure of insomnia, anxiety, panic disorder, chronic pain, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Over 5,000 years ago, Indian practitioners used ayurvedic medicine as an ancient healing method related to the mind-body-spirit link. These medical practitioners think that prana (the life force) reacts according to each person’s body and spiritual type (or dosha). Ayurvedic medicine utilizes yoga, medicinal herbs, bodywork, and aromatic oils all to instill equilibrium in the body and get rid of impurities.


This traditional form of Chinese medicine is widely accepted in Western society. Acupuncture effectively treats nausea, pain, and anxiety. Researchers found that its effectiveness is similar to that of traditional medicine approaches. In the hands of a well-trained acupuncturist, you could get relief from painful menstruation, cramps, and menopause symptoms.


One of the oldest alternative cures is massage therapy. It is often used in concurrence with other options to assuage tension, soreness, stress, and to increase blood flow to muscle groups. Many claim that massage actually detoxifies the body, allowing blocked energy channels to open. There are various types of massage, including Rolfing, shiatsu, reflexology, Swedish massage, and sports massage.


Homeopathy was originated in the early 19th century in Europe. This medicinal discipline is based on the ancient laws of ‘similars’. Similars the use of the same substances that cause a condition or illness for it’s treatment. For example, vaccines are similars, small doses of the organism injected into the patient. Homeopaths treat and prevent these illnesses by using the tiniest feasible dose for the necessary response.

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