Brain, Mind and Consciousness – How To Improve Their Function

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The brain is a complex organ that is not yet fully understood, particularly when it comes to the mind and conscious thought. What we do know is how to improve IQ level and increase the memory function over time.

However, although the ways in which this can be done are simple, it takes time and perseverance in order to see improvements.

Meditate to improve brain function

Meditation is a simple method in which you focus on your breathing and forget about everything else around you. Meditation enables you to relax, which is important if you are going to allow the mind to reach its full potential. Stress stops you from thinking as clearly as you would otherwise be able to do, so this is simply one of the many benefits that meditation can offer.

Increasing the amount of neurochemicals in the brain will help you to reduce stress, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your mind. One of the chemicals that is increased by meditation is DHEA, which has long been known to enhance memory.

Levels of both grey and white matter are also increased by regular meditation, which means that processing of information and connections between different parts of the brain are improved dramatically. This also promotes whole brain synchronisation, which is characteristic of many of the world’s greatest thinkers, as it means the two hemispheres of the brain are working together, which does not always happen.

The changes in brainwave pattern from beta to alpha signifies a state of light meditation, which is ideal for learning and processing large amounts of new information. The deeper state of meditation that produces theta brainwaves is better for problem solving, though this takes more practice in order to achieve and maintain the level of meditation required.

Do something that challenges you

It is important to keep your brain and mind as active as you can, or you will discover that as time goes on, recalling information becomes increasingly difficult. Do something that challenges your brain and makes you think, such as a crossword, logic puzzle or Sudoku, and once you reach the stage where you are finding these easy, move on to more difficult puzzles or a different type of puzzle.

Try new activities on a regular basis, because every time you encounter something new, you are learning and making new connections in the brain. New connections means that information can be processed more efficiently and your recall of details and facts will be much better.

Look after your body and your mind

If your body is fit and healthy, your mind will be able to work more effectively too. This means that you may want to consider taking up some form of exercise in order to improve your fitness. Aerobic exercise will be the most beneficial, so think about running, cycling, swimming or dancing. This will not only increase fitness but improve the blood flow to your entire body, including the brain. For the mind to work at its best, you need a good supply of blood, which provides the oxygen and glucose your brain needs.

You should also look at cutting out the processed foods from your diet and replacing them with fresh fruit and vegetables that contain high levels of antioxidants. These are essential for your brain to work at its most efficient, so improving your intake of these will have a benefit for your memory, too.

These are all simple tips that should be easy for you to follow. However, it is important that you do them regularly in order to see the benefits.

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