Telepathic Communication: Nine Questions Answered

telepathic communication

1. What Is It?

Telepathic communications are where people can share thoughts and feeling with each other over distance without using any of the five typical senses. People can also communicate telepathically with animals.

2. How is it Possible?

Everything on earth, and in the wider universe, comes from the same source. All things are therefore linked via this central supreme source and share energy which they can use to tap into other smaller parts of the same universal source. This is sometimes also referred to as a spiritual source, natural source or divine source.

3. Can Everyone Use Telepathic Communications?

All living beings are born with a natural telepathic ability. Many people are unaware of how to use it though, hence why there are so few people who do actually communicate in this way. Lack of belief is also a big block, with many people remaining skeptical. By learning how to tune into the correct frequencies and wave lengths, it is possible for everyone to use telepathic communication.

4. How Can I Learn?

First and foremost, you must have a strong belief in the power of telepathy.

Try meditation to help you relax and clear your mind of all other unwanted thoughts. This can help you both with sending and receiving communications. It also keeps you centered in the present moment, which is necessary to send thoughts and feelings using your mind.

To send a message, vividly imagine the person you want to communicate with. Imagine giving them a message. You can visualize handing them a written message on a piece of paper, sending an email or SMS text message to them, talking to them by telephone or talking to them in person; the method that you imagine conveying the message by is not important, as long as your visualization is strong and detailed.

When beginning to experiment with telepathy, it is important that you remain patient and practice regularly. Your skills will develop and strengthen over time the more that you use them.

5. How Do I Know My Message Has Been Received?

When you are visualizing sending your message, you should get an instinctive, or intuitive, feeling that the other person has received your thoughts or feelings. When this happens, stop projecting your thoughts to them; you do not need to do anything further.

As a beginner, you may like to experiment with a friend. Try sending messages to each other and note the exact time that you feel that they have received your thoughts. Your friend should do the same and write down the exact time that they believe they obtained communication from you. At a later time, compare your results. This should help you to identify the feeling of having sent a message.

6. How Do I Know I Am Receiving a Message From Another by Telepathy?

To start with, any telepathic communications that you receive may feel like your imagination. Listen to these thoughts and feelings, and if necessary act upon them. At a later date, perhaps compare with the receiver so that you can identify the way that telepathic communications feel when sent to you.

It may be that you see images in your mind. You may hear a voice inside telling you something. Communications can also be received by way of feelings and waves of emotion. You may experience a sensation of just instantly knowing something.

You may receive messages when you are awake, or through your dreams when you are sleeping.

7. How Does Telepathy Affect Relationships With Others?

When you connect with people using telepathy, you are communicating with them at a different frequency to usual communications that use the typical senses. This communication at a higher level means that you are able to relate to people at a higher level also. It leads to deeper understanding of people, as well as an almost harmonization of your inner selves. This can create deeper and more meaningful relationships, in romantic areas, with family members, with friends, and with all those people with whom you share a link.

8. Can I Communicate With my Pet?

Because no formal language is needed for telepathic communication, it is completely possible to communicate with animals in this way. You can sense their feelings and share your own feelings with them.

9. Can I Stop Certain People From Communicating With Me?

If you imagine yourself locking your mind to other people they cannot communicate with you telepathically nor have access to your thoughts.

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