The Qualities of Highly Charismatic People

qualities of charismatic people

How do you differentiate between a charismatic person and a charming person? Someone charming is attractive and pleasant to be with, but not necessarily charismatic. A charismatic person has a magnetic presence, and can awe, inspire, or influence other people. You may wish to be with a charming person, but you probably wish to become a charismatic person. To that end, it should bolster you to know that everyone has their own brand of charisma. Highlighting the qualities that you already possess is the key to being more charismatic.

Are you confident and courageous?

The most common quality in charismatic people is an unshakeable sense of self-worth. You needn’t be an attention-seeker. False bravado or arrogant swagger is off-putting, but a quiet confidence in oneself is extremely attractive. This confidence is usually paired with courage: a charismatic person believes he has what it takes to get past a challenge, despite whatever insecurity or doubt he harbors. Believe in yourself, in what you have to offer, and what you can do. The fear of failure should not shake your belief. If you are more willing to take the first deliberate step, then people will be more inclined to follow you.

Are you captivating and tactfully engaging?

Body language is subtly compelling in a charismatic person. Good posture is second nature to someone who is confident. A firm handshake gives the impression of accessibility and strength. Your facial expression should be open and welcoming, and when you smile, it should come from within, seen through your eyes rather than just being a quirk of the mouth. Look people in the eye; nothing else is more communicative and mesmerizing than making eye contact. When you have something to say, this expressiveness will help you – people will be drawn to you – but also remember that tact will get your message across the rest of the way.

Do you have conviction and credibility?

If you truly believe in and are passionate about what you do, if you have integrity and an active conscience, if you keep your word and maintain ethical standards, if you utilize self-discipline while staying true to your purpose, then you become all the more inspiring. Respect is earned. People will not follow you if you do not have any credibility. You cannot lead, and you cannot sway others to your cause, if you lack conviction.

Are you a “people person” and a team-player?

Unsurprisingly, charismatic people like other people. They care about other people. They listen and pay attention to other people. They remember names, dates, and the myriad details of what other people care about. If you aim to be charismatic, do not seek knowledge in a Machiavellian attempt to manipulate others, but as a way to bring people together. A charismatic person is also the type to work together with others.

Do you follow your instincts and intuition?

Listen to that voice inside you. One way to hone your instincts and intuition is to meditate. Meditation allows you deeper insight into yourself – your strengths and weaknesses, the way you relate with other people, your boundaries and comfort zone, even your own self-image. Meditation will help you come to terms with your expectations for yourself and the reality that you are confronting. You will be more comfortable in your own skin, and this will in turn help your relationship with other people. You will better understand what drives them because you have enough perspective to move outside of your own motivations. Honing your observational skills will allow you to interpret other people’s words and expressions. Instinctively, you will know how to act. You will also know when to let certain things go.

Are you creative and flexible?

Charismatic people are fairly creative, which is another way of saying that they provide solutions when needed. At the same time, charismatic people have to be flexible to allow this creativity to flourish. To convince people, to motivate people, you have to be creative. To transform an idea into reality, you need to be creative. To maximize the use of resources at hand, to get people’s attention and commitment, you need to be creative. More than being competent, charismatic people can be relied upon to be game-changers.

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