20 of Life’s Simplest Pleasures

lifes simple pleasures

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up waiting for great things to happen in your life. But, if you’re so focused on the big things, you might miss all of wonderful little things that happen on a day to day basis.

Life is full of simple pleasures that can bring a smile to your face and make your heart sing. Here are just a few of mine. Maybe you can add your own to the list?

1. Going to the mailbox and not finding a bill. While junk mail may be a little irritating, it’s much preferred to finding that someone wants me to just hand over my hard earned money.

2. Listening to a child’s breath as they sleep quietly on your chest. Whether it’s your own child or someone else’s, nothing beats realizing the little miracle that is lying peacefully in your arms.

3. Finding money in the pocket of a pair of pants you wore last week. The only thing better than finding the money is finding it on a day that you don’t get a bill in the mailbox.

4. Having an old friend calls out of the blue. How great it is to know that someone was thinking about you and cared enough to call and see how you are doing.

5. Getting the night off when you were supposed to work overtime. Sure, the money is nice but sometimes the thought of putting on your PJ’s early and snuggling up on the couch for a movie is even nicer.

6. Listening to the sound of the water as it comes upon shore. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lake, river or ocean, when water meets land, it’s one of the greatest sounds that exists.

7. Having your spouse or partner walk in the door after work. It means that they are safe and sound and able to spend more time on this precious earth with you.

8. Hearing “I love you”. No three words hold as much impact and can make a person feel as lucky to be alive as these do.

9. Enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Really, is any morning complete without it?

10. Watching a butterfly. It’s amazing that such a small, frail creature can exist in a world where most anything could be its predator. Yet it floats effortlessly and majestically as if it has not a care in the world.

11. Eating cereal on the couch while in your pajamas and focused completely on the TV. Just the thought of it takes you back to childhood, doesn’t it? Good times.

12. Having a child take your hand as you’re walking next to them. They don’t have to say a thing because you can feel every ounce of love transfer from their body to yours through their tiny little hand.

13. Folding laundry right when the dryer turns off. It’s warm and smells so fresh, clean and new.

14. Watching children play on a playground. To see their imaginations at work and hear all of their little truths reminds you of just how simple life truly is.

15. Walking into your garden and seeing flowers bloom. They not only add precious color to your day, but they signal beauty and rebirth.

16. Watching the rain in silence. There’s something about watching the rain as if falling from the heavens and hearing it as it finally reaches its destination and collides with the earth.

17. Reading a book and getting lost in it. Experiencing a completely different world from the comfort and security of your own home.

18. Meditating. Spending time to just clear your mind and let go of stress, anxiety and worry so you can have a positive outlook on life.

19. Having an impromptu lunch with a friend. Nothing lifts the spirit more than sharing unplanned laughs and smiles with a friend while filling your tummy with satisfying food.

20. Putting on jeans you wore a year ago and they still fit. No explanation necessary.

There are many things in life to be happy about. Make your own list. The more you open your eyes and mind to them, the more they seem to multiply. That’s my kind of math.

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