4 Powerful Self Motivation Techniques

self motivation techniques

Even the most motivated of people are not always a hundred percent motivated. So imagine how it can be worse for ordinary folks like us who go about our normal ordinary lives and lose the steam to keep on aspiring to meet our deadlines. We all need self motivation techniques—the ones that truly work—to help us through most days. The following are only some of the best strategies to sustain our own sense of motivation.

1. Use music to excite your soul

People who work out or who train for long-distance running (a grueling task) have what they commonly refer to as “power music”—their personal selection of certain songs or music tracks that instantly picks them up when they’re feeling not a hundred percent up to it. As one of the foremost self motivation techniques, music is high up there among the most sought-after “pick me up” solutions. The actual songs or music varies, of course, and entirely depends on your taste, but they all must have one common denominator: you must choose only those songs that instantly make you run like the wind or “whirl” about your daily chores. For example, you can include such “electrifying songs” as Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” or Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” Or maybe you can get more energy from classical music, such as Mozart’s or Beethoven’s pieces. Choose what works best for you.

2. Program your subconscious through meditation

Performing regular meditation is like speaking directly and commanding the “beast” that we call the subconscious mind. The great thing about meditation is it is not rocket science: all you have to do is find a quiet spot in your home (maybe your bedroom), sit in a comfortable position, and begin deep and slow breathing for a few minutes, focusing merely on your breathing and shutting out everything else. You can up the ante: instead of merely focusing on your breathing, try telling yourself highly motivational words while you breathe. Such words should be applicable to the task for which you need to be motivated. If you want to finish a work project, say “I am completing this project ahead of deadline.” Use words that you normally say, and say them with conviction. You will be surprised to find that after a few meditation sessions, you are breezing through the project and completing it. Meditation can also leave you basking in a deep sense of well-being—and when you feel good, you are energized to aim high.

3. The power of words

Self motivation techniques for long-term purposes draw upon an inexhaustible source: books. There is by now a huge selection of self-motivation reading materials—any corner bookstore or online bookshop even offers these books in their own category. There are many famous authors whose words positively energize millions of people, such as Norman Vincent Peal, Brian Tracy, or Napoleon Hill. However, it really depends on finding out yourself which book pushes your buttons in all the right places.

4. A quick two-hour “pick me up” from movies

If you’re pressed for time and you must choose from among several self motivation techniques, then one of the quickest would be watching a good motivational movie. Remember that movies are not made specifically for motivational purposes, so you’ll have to rely on reviews or plot description to determine if a movie may be inspiring. There are a number of now-classic movies that have powerful motivational elements, like ‘Chaplin’ (Robert Downey), ‘The Ron Clark Story’ (Matthew Perry), ‘Life is Beautiful’ (Roberto Benigni), and of course, ‘Forrest Gump’ (Tom Hanks).

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