4 Quickest Ways to Simplify Your Life and Become Much Happier

ways to simplify your life

There are times when you feel so overwhelmed with the various concerns, big and small, that tear at you from all sides every single day. Like many people living in these highly stressful modern times, you’re probably wondering if there are ways to simplify your life. The good news: you can, of course, and you can start by taking a good, hard look at your life right now and be able to have the courage and the wisdom to know the important things from the ones you can safely discard. You can start with the following tips.

1. Manage your time

Your time is your most precious property—you can’t bring it back once it slips through your fingers like sand. That’s why, as one of the most important ways to simplify your life, you must learn how to make optimal use of the 24 hours you have each day. For instance, you must learn to discern which tasks or activities are worth your time, and learn how to artfully say no to what you realize are time-wasters. At the office or in your home, you should know you don’t have to do everything by yourself—delegate and trust other people to do other tasks. We’re spewing one cliché after another here, but only for a good reason: never bite more than you can chew, commitment-wise. And of course, carefully choose your battles—engage only in those fights that are not only winnable, but also worth fighting for.

2. Meditate

Setting aside a few minutes each day to calm your mind and focus inwardly can immensely help you find your inner center. Regular meditation has been known to enhance focus and mental clarity, and you can use these to improve your ability to discern, to step back and look at your life from an outsider’s perspective and determine which are important and which can be discarded.

3. Use the internet

Learn to recognize the “ways to simplify your life” opportunities offered by the internet. You should realize that many of the current web technologies easily available to everyone are designed to make things easier and more convenient to do, if not cheaper. For example, if you used to burn your personal data on DVDs, a safer, cheaper and more efficient alternative might be to save your data on an online storage service—the best of these online services charge only a few dollars a year for about 10 GB of storage. You can also pay all your bills online instead of getting the bills from the mail and having to schedule a trip to queue at the payment office. What’s more, most utility bills can be paid as a recurring payment through online banking or your credit card. And perhaps most importantly, quit social networks—Facebook, Twitter, and others—and you’re probably spending many hours each day visiting and revisiting these sites only to check out status messages that do not even concern you. If you can’t quit, limit the time you spend on these sites to only a single visit each day.

4. Buy only the things that you really need

Modern consumerism is an established machine that functions like clockwork and has ways to encourage you to buy and buy stuff. Advertisements push your buttons and stimulate your desires. Be wary of these things and do not fall to the simulated craving. You don’t need that new iPhone 5 if your first iPhone (or whatever phone you use) is still working perfectly. Do not window shop—you’re only encouraging or misleading your buying options. Buy only when you need something, and always remind yourself that buying a new expensive product should not determine your idea of success. A good alternative to buying stuff is “buying a vacation”—plan a weekend getaway, which will be many times more fulfilling than getting a new gadget you don’t need.

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