5 Essential Exercises – How to Improve Thinking Skills

how to improve thinking skills

No matter how intelligent or how sharp your mind is it can always get better. Self-improvement is something everybody should strive for. Enhancing your thinking skills is extremely beneficial in many areas of your life. The good news is improving your thinking skills aren’t as difficult as it seems. Through constant repetition with a variety of simple exercises your mind power can jump dramatically. Here’s how to improve thinking skills through five different strategies.

1. Chew Gum

Billy McClune and Ruth Jarman in their book Developing Scientific Literacy: Using New Media in the Question states: “Chewing gum can greatly improve the performance of the brain.”

It sounds strange, but countless studies like these have backed the idea up. It’s not clear exactly why chewing gum seems to have a massive effect, but it does. Chew it as much as possible during the day, but avoid sugar-free gum as the refined sugar has negative effects on the body. Later in the day your body has a good chance of crashing as the sugar injection dissipates.

2. Brain Games

How can you enhance your brain if you don’t use it? Believe it or not, most people in their daily lives don’t use every area of their brain. It’s like a muscle, you either use it or lose it. Keep your brain in tip-top condition by taking advantage of brain training games. From the humble Rubik’s Cube to a bumper book of Sudoku, play these games and watch your logical thinking skills shoot up.

3. Meditation

The mind needs to rest at some point. Allow it to run free from distractions with this spiritual action. Primarily, it’s the answer to how to improve thinking skills because of the brain waves it stimulates.

1. The alpha wave enhances logical thinking. It allows you think about and maintain vast sums of information within your mind.

2. The theta brain wave improves your creativity and enhances the speed at which you solve problems in your daily life.

3. The delta brain wave enables you to enter a dreamless sleep. It helps with rejuvenation and gives tired brains the chance to rest. If you feel ready and alert, so does your brain.

4. Limited Time

If you have all the time in the world to study or solve a problem, implement a time limit. It’s remarkable, but when the brain is under pressure it focuses more. Having an unlimited amount of time sends the message to the brain it’s able to wander and focus on other things at the same time. Obliterate any wandering thoughts by including a solid time limit, it encourages and promotes constant focus.

5. Small Balanced Meals

Train yourself to regularly take small yet balanced meals. Take more of them over the course of the day to keep your brain in shape. One of the major problems people have with their thinking skills is they are constantly hampered by large meals. They divert resources from the brain and the body becomes practically useless. It’s tired, it’s not interested, and there’s nothing you can do about it until you digest your last heavy meal. This is the answer to how to improve thinking skills; allow them to flourish in the first place.

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