5 Useful Anxiety Coping Methods in the Modern World

anxiety coping techniques

In this fast moving modern world, anxiety is a common occurrence, with many of us feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders. In fact, anxiety is a normal response to a stressful situation and can be useful in forcing us to deal with an upcoming situation, while exercising caution and remaining alert.

Anxiety as a tool

It may not feel like it, but anxiety is an important part of dealing with stressful life events. Anxiety in response to a trigger is the brain’s way of helping us cope and without anxiety, the consequences of our behavior may be detrimental. Anxiety can make you feel unwell and it is unpleasant but if it is occasional, it is not harmful to health.

However, regular anxiety or anxiety without any specific stressor can be problematic as it can interfere with normal day to day activities, and for some people if it becomes completely overwhelming, this could be related to an anxiety disorder.

You can overcome anxiety!

There are many anxiety coping methods to deal with feelings of anxiousness in a constructive way, and it is important to find the method or combination of tips to help you. Here are five helpful tips to cope with anxiety.

1. Exercise is incredibly useful in the management of anxiety for many reasons. You don’t need to be excessive; even a short walk can help your body produce the necessary hormones such as serotonin to balance your mood and relieve anxiety. If you haven’t exercised for some time, don’t throw yourself straight into an energetic exercise routine as this may be damaging. Ease in gently, building slowly up to more and more exercise over time. When you are feeling anxious it may feel difficult to be motivated, but really do try and get into an exercise routine slowly, it will help and you will feel fitter which will improve your mood also.

2. That cup of coffee may not be helping as much as you think. Coffee and tea contain caffeine which can raise the heart rate and can cause difficulty sleeping, and both of these factors can lead to more anxiety. Try swapping high caffeine drinks with water or fruit juices (just watch out for levels of sugar) and check labels, as caffeine is lurking in places you may not expect.

3. Try talking therapy. Sometimes simply sitting down with a friend or counselor and discussing your anxiety can help immensely. Even the process of getting things off your chest can make you feel much better and help you to cope with anxiety. It is worth looking for self help groups in your local area where anxiety coping methods can be shared and knowing that there are other people in the same situation who can help each other, can be very beneficial.

4. If there is an upcoming situation that is making you anxious, try and break your worries into smaller components and deal with each part carefully if possible. Anxiety can often result from a lack of control over a situation, so pick a part that you can control and gain some control over it and this will improve how you feel about it. Set goals and be prepared to make compromises and remember to reward yourself when achieving a goal. This may help you feel more in control and can help relieve anxiety.

5. Meditation is a very powerful tool in anxiety coping methods. We are surrounded by many types of stimuli and with the human brain constantly racing; this can cause high levels of anxiety. Meditation is a way of learning to embrace silence and to focus on your breathing to give you focus and allow your brain to rest in tranquility.

6. There are many sources of information on how to meditate and it is worth looking into methods to relax and you can start by sitting in a silent room and focus on your breathing in and out. You may find your thoughts wandering, but return to your breathing each time and you will find with practice that your mind will reciprocate and enjoy the silence. Try and do this every day, as mediation can boost levels of serotonin (our happy hormone again) and can change brainwave patterns with stress melting away and leaving you more able to cope with everything life has to throw at you.

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