6 Effective Ways of Dealing With Depression

ways of dealing with depression

It’s completely normal to feel down from time to time. Everyone is faced with difficult situations in their life and sometimes a little bit of melancholy is the only way we know how to address them. Unfortunately, perpetual sadness can give way to a more debilitating sense of depression and this can have serious consequences for your health. If you are wrestling with depression and looking for ways to change the way you feel, consider the following 6 techniques.

1. Get Active

Physical activity can help boost your mood and clear away those gray clouds. Exercise is proven to increase endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel-good” chemicals. You don’t need to become a world-class athlete to experience these benefits, either. Running, jumping rope and bicycling are all great options to get your heart pumping. Consider performing 40 minutes of moderate exercise three or four times per week and you may be surprised at the effect it has on your mood.

2. Spend Time With Positive People

Positive attitudes are infectious and they can spread to other people pretty quickly. If your current peer group is not bringing you up and helping motivate you to accomplish your goals, you should find one that will. Use meetup.com or craigslist.org to find people in your area who share the same interests. This can be anything from joining a book club to signing up for Spanish classes at the local community college. If you get out there and find positive people to spend your time with, this might be all you need to put wind back in your sails.

3. Meditate

Meditation has been proven to have a positive and lasting effect on mood regulation. Meditation can clear away negative emotions and reinforce positive feelings as you become more balanced and focused. Meditation has even been proven to increase “grey matter” and several different neurotransmitters like serotonin and GABA—all of which are instrumental in healthy mental functions.

4. Express Yourself

Depression can be the result of pent-up emotions like anger, frustration or anxiety. An excellent way to let go of these emotions is to transform this energy into some form of art. Painting, sculpting and dancing are just a few of the art forms you can use to express yourself creatively. Human beings have been using art to express emotions for thousands of years and many therapists utilize it today to help their clients.

5. Talk About It

Depression can cause isolation in some individuals and this can lead to big problems. Humans are social creatures and it’s in our nature to communicate with others, even when we feel bad. The next time you feel yourself slipping into depression, find someone you can talk to about it. This person can be a friend, a loved one or a professional counselor. The important thing is that you talk about your feelings with someone else.

6. Consider Natural Supplements

There are several different natural supplements that have been proven to be effective in treating depression and mood issues. B vitamins, Omega-3s, St. John’s Wart and SAMe can all be effective in boosting your mood. Many people choose to take supplements because they tend to have less disruptive side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. Be sure to contact your doctor before taking any natural supplements as an option for dealing with your depression.

There are several different ways that you can deal with your depression and make a positive change in your life. It may take some time, but the road to a brighter tomorrow begins by taking these crucial first steps.

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