6 Pain Management Techniques for Migraines

pain management techniques

People suffering from migraines undergo excruciating pains which vary from person to person. A migraine can be triggered by a certain smell, food, hormonal fluctuation, sex or even an intense emotion like anger or excitement. Even the nature of pain varies from patient to patient and a migraine attack can last from a couple of hours to even days. Migraines are generally treated with pain killers, but can be prevented by keeping away from what triggers them. You can also ease the pain through the following pain management techniques.

1. Darkness

Most migraine patients hit the bed until the pain lasts. Although this affects their life and routine, it is known to have positive results. Light, especially sunlight, is known to trigger the pain or make it more excruciating. So you could just lie down in a darkened room and try to relax. Pain management is a mental attribute as much as it is physical. So rather than wondering about ways you could have used that time to do something productive, use it as an excuse to take that much needed break. Relaxing your body and mind will help you freshen up which in turn will yield more fruitful results once you are back on track.

2. Hypnosis

Many studies and researches have proven that hypnosis is very helpful in reducing migraine attack occurrences and even in their severity. Some researches like that of Gutfeld G and Rao L in 1992 captioned “Use of Hypnosis with Patients Suffering from Chronic Headaches, Seriously Resistant to Other Treatments,” proved that patients that did not respond to conventional migraine treatments had 30% less intensity in their migraines after going through hypnosis treatments. Hypnosis puts the patient in an altered consciousness state, and then with the help of relaxation techniques, cures pain.

3. Meditation

Meditation has numerous health benefits and comes with practically no side effects. One of the many benefits of meditation is that it boosts Serotonin, lack of which leads to depression and migraine attacks. Meditating daily will circulate your blood flow, relieve stress and lessen the possibilities of migraine attacks.

4. Nutrients

Magnesium deficiency and hormonal imbalances are known to be the cause of migraines. So take magnesium supplements and evening primrose tablets daily to annihilate those deficiencies. However, make sure that if you are already taking calcium supplements then keep at least one hour distance between the calcium and the magnesium intakes.

5. Imagery

Guided imagery is known to have substantial and efficient results when it comes to dealing with migraines. Although guided imagery is a vast topic and a complete treatment process, you can start with just imagining specific scenarios and visualizing a happy place to escape the everyday throbbing world, even if momentarily. You can see yourself standing in the center of a dark isolated forest or just on a small raft on the Pacific Ocean, the world for those precious moments can become your oyster and will help you curb that pain too.

6. Stress Management

Pain management techniques should not only be applied when going through a migraine. It is better that you manage your life according to your body and your minds limitations to avoid migraines or other stress inducing pains. For the most part, avoid migraine triggering activities and keep a tight schedule and a balanced routine which involves not only time for your work and family, but also for you.

Activities like yoga, deep and rhythmic breathing or meditation will not only help fight and reduce migraine attacks, but will also lead to a healthier and stress-free lifestyle. Migraines, though not by choice, become a major part of your everyday life, however do not let them define who you are or stop you from living your life to the fullest.

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