Best 5 No-nonsense Ways on How to Overcome Negative Thinking

how to overcome negative thinking

Negative thoughts are strange—the more you focus on having them, the more they damage and insidiously wreak havoc on your life. On the upside, the same is true with positive thinking: if you constantly fill your head with nothing but hope for a positive, good outcome, the more you seem to attract all the aspired-for results. Therefore, the most important concern of everyone in the world today is: how to overcome negative thinking? Fortunately, the means to do so is not cloaked in utmost secrecy—rather, there are surefire ways to banish negative thoughts from your head and out of your life, and the following five tips are just the best of them.

1. Smile

Show those pearly whites as often and as much as you can. Smiling is sort of magical: the more you smile, the more you actually feel good, and the more other people will smile back at you in return. A smile is a good foundation, a stable bedrock, on which a full day without negative thoughts can stand on. As Charlie Chaplin used to say when asked what they were going to do about a setback, “Just smile.”

2. Mingle with positive people

Remember the saying, “birds of the same feather flock together?” When you are in the company of positive people, they form as some psychic shield against negativity. In fact, like laughter and yawning, positive thinking can be contagious, so you should be nearby in order to catch it. In a similar vein, ever wondered why the rich only mingled with other rich people? It’s the same answer: like-minded people work best together. So choosing the people you would want to mingle with is already a matter of choosing the kind of life you want to live. Would you rather be with losers, or winners?

3. Help others

If even the Bible strongly makes helping others a major thing, then you know there’s something major going on right there. The fact is, helping others makes you feel good about yourself (aside from the fact that your help actually benefits other people aside from your own little self) and also takes away the focus from you and on other people. Helping others can be as simple as giving some of your free time to charity or some socio-civic organizations, or making some good sandwich for that homeless guy across the street, or helping out your nephew make his assignment. Helping other people is a mutually beneficial way of overcoming negative thinking—it helps you and those you help. It’s never a one-sided deal.

4. “Positivize” your thought processes

Quite often, negative thinking is the product of a lifelong habit of framing your thoughts in tune with negativity. For example, instead of thinking, “Oh my God, we’re new in this town. We’re going to have a difficult time adjusting to our new neighborhood,” you should try thinking positively by saying, “I can’t wait to meet new people. I’m sure this new neighborhood is going to be an exciting and friendly place to live in.” This also applies in all other small matters and decision-making processes we engage with every single day, and being aware of the polarity (negative or positive) of your own thought processes can help you quickly stamp out negative thinking right at the root.

5. Meditate

Meditation can effectively ease your mind, and a mind at ease is in a better position to ward of negative thinking. So of all the aforementioned ways of how to overcome negative thinking, meditation plays a vital role as it strengthens your control of your mind—the very place where negativity arises. After every meditation session, you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you’re in a better, positive mood.

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