Calm The Chaos: Use These Simple Steps To Prioritize Your Life

prioritize your life

Today’s hectic lifestyles can leave us frazzled, unfulfilled and confused about our priorities. We want to be the best at everything we do whether it is nurturing our children, providing food and shelter for our families, managing our careers, supporting our community or protecting our health. In the meantime, we are bombarded with endless distractions that add to our sense of bewilderment. It’s easy to see why so many of us feel like our lives are spinning out of control. Take a minute to visualize your life without the chaos of conflicting priorities. How does that feel?

The path to total fulfillment begins with prioritizing our lives and honoring those things that are the most important to us. What is most important for you to experience and embrace during your lifetime? Until you can answer this question, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to align your goals with in a way that leads to the total satisfaction that you deserve.

Sometimes things that we think are our own priorities actually spring from what we think others expect from us. Take a good look at your current priorities and make sure they reflect your personal desires. You have the right to listen to your “inner voice” and let your heart lead you toward the life you want.

Meditation Helps You Clear The Clutter

Meditation can help clear the clutter so that you can “get your priorities straight” and begin your journey to happiness and contentment. Once you achieve clarity of thought you will be able to eliminate those things in your life that do not bring you satisfaction, which frees you up to work toward those things that matter most to you.

Meditation teaches you to “live in the moment” so that you can wholly embrace whatever you are doing at any given moment. For instance, when you are on a picnic with your children you should eliminate thoughts of work and given them your undivided attention. Become fully “there” for them and for yourself. When you are at work, try to stay focused on the task at hand and don’t let other thoughts distract you. When you are with your significant other, hear every word they say and relish every aspect of your time together.

When practiced regularly, meditation increases the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing it to make physiological changes for the better. This promotes clarity of thought so that it is easier for your conscious mind to make sound decisions about your priorities. The calm, focused breathing associated with meditation promotes a relaxation response that leads to inner peace and clarity. Meditation puts you in touch with your inner essence which is where many of life’s questions can be answered.

Find Time To Unplug And Prioritize

It only takes a few minutes a day to embrace the benefits of meditation. The first step is to unplug yourself from the chaos and distractions of life. Find a quiet place and sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Slowly inhale and let the air fill your lungs and then slowly exhale. Focus your complete attention on your breath as it flows in and out of your body. Make meditation a part of your daily routine so you can approach each day with total clarity, secure in the knowledge that you are spending your precious time on the things that really, truly matter.

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