Can You Increase Your Intelligence? These 9 Tools Say “Yes”

can you increase your intelligence

Most experts will agree that it is possible to improve your cognitive performance. Your brain is like a muscle in that the harder you work it, the more powerful it becomes. According to modern psychological theory, most of us utilize one hemisphere of the brain over the other.

Those of us who use our right brains more often will tend to use more creativity and intuition when we interact with the outside world. On the other hand, those of us who use our left hemisphere more often will tend to use logic and analytical functions to solve problems. If you want to become more creative or analytical, it helps to perform tasks that work the corresponding side of the brain. If your goal is to increase your intelligence, we have listed some helpful tips that can boost your brain.

Exercise Frequently

Exercise increases your brains natural levels of serotonin and dopamine. These brain chemicals help regulate your mood and keep you feeling good. Also, exercise has been shown to help reduce stress and allow individuals to focus on complex tasks afterwards.

Read Books

When you read you are predominantly working the left side of your brain, which is responsible for language. If you want to increase your verbal skills, you should consider reading classic novels and other works that may challenge your vocabulary and recruit your memory skills.


Meditation has both short and long-term benefits when you practice it regularly. To begin with, meditation increases both gray and white matter within the brain. This leads to a physically stronger brain as well as a more effectively “wired” one. Meditation has also been shown to increase mood-regulating chemicals within the brain, like serotonin.

Challenge Yourself With Puzzles

Working on puzzles is an excellent way to develop critical thinking abilities. The harder you train these skills, the better they will become. Puzzles also challenge us to think creatively when we solve problems, which helps us increase our creative intelligence. Word puzzles, Sudoku and even Tetris have been shown to increase cortical activity.

Challenge Yourself Every Day

Modern technology has made many aspects of our lives more convenient, but it can rob us of our ability to solve problems and problem solving is an excellent way to increase your intelligence. If you’re driving to a new location, consider trying to drive there after only one view of the map. This will force you to memorize landmarks and street names, which challenges your brain. Another excellent way to challenge yourself on a daily basis is to work multiplication and division problems in your head while you are in the shower or washing the dishes.

Take Time To Relax

Fatigue can impair our cognitive functioning and prevent us from learning new skills effectively. If you want to be in your best mental shape, you need to take time to relax and unwind. Going for a nice walk in the evening or taking a long bath are both excellent ways to relax.

Listen To Classical Music

Studies have shown that university students will perform better on tests if they have listened to classical music the night before an exam. Both dynamic and complex in form, classical music engages our creative and analytical thinking and keeps our minds active.

Eat Healthy Foods

Your body requires the proper levels of nutrition to operate efficiently. This includes lean protein, vitamin-rich vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy sources of fats. A diet that includes too many processed foods and starchy carbohydrates will have a negative effect on cognitive performance over time.

Learn to Play an Instrument

It has been said that learning to play an instrument increases your IQ by up to 7 points! Practicing an instrument engages your mind in both creative and analytical fashions and when you learn to read music, you are developing an entirely new skill set to challenge your brain.

Can you increase your intelligence? We certainly believe that you can. It takes hard work and persistence but if you follow the guidelines we have listed above, you should see an improvement in your mental performance.


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