Change Your Attitude With Seven Positive Thinking Tips

positive thinking tips

The world around us makes it very easy to be negative these days. News stories seem to be depressing, the economy is struggling, and we all have personal challenges that can get us down. Yet, we know that a major key to a happy and successful life is a positive frame of mind. So is it possible to fight through the noise and keep your attitude pointed in the right direction? Absolutely! Read on for seven great tips to positive thinking.

– Don’t be a Victim. We all have bad things happen to us – it’s a fact of life. How you respond to those challenges defines you as a person. A huge step toward positive thinking is not viewing yourself as a victim. By taking control and responsibility over your life and the obstacles you face, you will empowered and uplifted rather than down-trodden and defeated.

– Give to Receive. We all learned as kids that it is better to give than to receive. In terms of keeping a positive mindset, that saying holds true. By giving of your time and effort to help a cause outside yourself, you will gain a more positive and optimistic outlook on life as a whole. You will feel good about yourself for doing it and those positive thoughts will carry over into other parts of your life.

– No One is Perfect. An easy way to fall into a negative thought pattern is to dwell on your mistakes. Of course we know that everybody falls short from time to time, but often we are hardest on ourselves. Remind yourself that you are only human, and mistakes are inevitable. That reality is freeing and will let your mind return to a more optimistic setting.

– Positive Reinforcement. With the internet at your fingertips, search out some uplifting words to brighten your day and your outlook. Encouraging quotes or articles can give you something to remember when you encounter a challenging part of your day that threatens your positive attitude.

– List The Good Things. You most certainly have things in your life to be thankful for. Take five minutes and write them out – with pen and paper, not on the computer. This exercise forces you to focus your brain in a positive direction and see those things which you may have come to take for granted. Realizing how lucky you are is a great way to snap out of a pattern of negative thinking.

– Pick Your Surroundings. While trying to keep your thoughts headed in a positive direction, pay careful attention to whom you associate with. Spending extended periods of time around negative people will naturally pull you down. Choose friends that strive for the same positive attitude you are working toward. We tend to have our personalities match our surroundings in social situations – make sure those surroundings are something you would like to reflect in your own life. If you have a particularly close friend who is a negative person, have a talk with them about making a change along with you. Working together, you could find your own positive mindset and help them improve their own life as well.

– Meditate. Positive thinking and relaxation go hand in hand. Quite often, a stressed out person is a negative person, and a relaxed person is one who is rather positive in their thinking. Rarely do you find someone that breaks these rules. Therefore, it stands to reason that you should strive toward relaxation as part of your positive thinking plan. Meditation is a great way to achieve that relaxed state. Make a consistent routine of meditation one of your habits and positive thinking is surely not far behind.

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