Eight Great Tips to Improve Memory

tips to improve memory

Having a great memory is a powerful tool. It can make you more valuable to your employer, and make you seem like a better friend by remembering dates and occasions. Despite popular belief, people are not born with a good or bad memory. Your memory can be strengthened over time with a little effort and practice. Here is a collection of eight tips designed to improve your memory –

– Focus. It may sound simple but one of the biggest keys to improving your memory is simply paying more attention. By focusing on the task at hand your brain will be more likely to remember events that have taken place. One tip they can help you focus is to turn off outside distractions such as music or TV. Allow your mind to focus on just the task in front of you and you will be far more likely to remember.

– Associate. By relating new information to information that you already are familiar with, your brain will have a reference point for remembering the new information. Your brain is great at comparing new ideas with old ones. Give your brain a frame of reference and it will succeed more often than not at remembering the new information.

– Visualize. For many people, picturing concepts in their head is a great way of remembering. If you can give a visual component to the information you want to remember, your brain will see the visual when trying to remember the information. One simple example is applying real-world situations to math problems. Instead of just numbers, you can picture physical items to represent the numbers in the problem. These items will be easier for your brain to remember, and make the math concepts come to life.

– Educate. By teaching someone else information you are trying to remember, you’ll be much more likely to remember it yourself. The process of teaching requires a deeper understanding of the material at hand. Forcing yourself to look harder at the material will naturally give you a better chance at remembering it down the line.

– Variety. Using a range of different techniques to study information will lead to better memory. Rather than reading the same text over and over, try varying your study habits. You can quiz a friend, read the material aloud, or even look online for lecture about the topic. Being creative with your studying will give your brain more options to recall when the time comes.

– Save space. Don’t remember things that you don’t have to. By keeping your day to day life organized, you will free up brainpower for remembering more complex things. For instance, keep a detailed calendar of your upcoming schedule. This way, your brain will have not to focus on your plans and can pay more attention to things you would like to remember. An organized life is a low stress life, and low stress leads to better memory.

– Repetition. To remember something simple, like someone’s name, try repeating it out loud shortly after you hear it. You can work this naturally into conversation, and it will help you recall the name later. This tip can also work for phone numbers or names of restaurants that you might otherwise forget.

– Meditate. The last memory tip is to simply spend time in meditation each day. Meditation is great at clearing your mind and refocusing your thoughts. When your mind is focused it will have a far easier time remembering information. You will be amazed at how much are memory can improve simply by adding meditation to your daily routine.

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