Five Ideas on How to Keep Positive Thoughts

how to keep positive thoughts

As human beings, we all have moments of both positive and negative thoughts. It is just part of who we are as people. That said, we all understand that the positive thoughts are more productive, and more useful, than the negative ones. If we are able to have positive thoughts more often, we will be happier and more successful people in our lives. So how do we do that? Are we just subject to whatever thoughts come into our heads, or can we control them? The good news is, with a little practice and effort, we can get to a point where we keep the positive thoughts and toss aside the negative. Use the following five tips to get a little closer to that goal.

– Remind Yourself of Success. Nothing fuels positive thoughts like the feeling of success. We have all experienced success and failure in life, but those moments when you tasted success of some kind have a powerful ability to push you on to accomplish even more. You can’t expect to have success every day, but you can put reminders of it all around you. Any trophies, diplomas, or other awards you have earned should be prominently displayed around your home and office. Don’t worry about people thinking you are a show off – you are displaying them for your benefit, not theirs. When you go about your life and see constant reminders of things you were successful at, the positive thoughts in your mind will be fueled to keep on coming.

– Talk to Positive People. Our interactions with others have a strong influence over who we are as people, and how we act. If you spend the majority of your time with negative people, there is almost no way to keep the negative thoughts at bay. Make a point of scheduling regular chats with another person who strives to think positively. You can feed off of each other, and the benefits will be mutual. Even if your talks are only a few minutes in a day, that can be enough to keep you focus on the goal of consistently positive thinking.

– Set Daily Goals. Just like reminding yourself of past success can help build positive thoughts, so can having small little successes on a daily basis. Before you go to bed each night, try making a short list of goals for the next day. They don’t need to be complicated – things like ‘exercise for thirty minutes’ or ‘clean the kitchen’ make great examples. You should have no problem getting these done, and you will feel great when you check them off the list. You will have a much easier time keeping positive thoughts when your brain gets accustomed to seeing one success after another, no matter how small they are.

– Exercise. Going along with the previous example, exercise itself is a great way to keep your thoughts going in a positive direction. You will create endorphins that make your body feel good, and you will be proud of the way you look as well. Try sticking to a consistent habit of moderately intense exercise for the best effect.

– Meditate. Sometimes all it takes to block out the negative thoughts from your mind is a few minutes of quiet meditation. Negativity feeds on confusion and distraction – when you meditate you can refocus your brain and come back to a calm, centered position. From there it is much easier to see your life objectively, and make rational decisions as opposed to rash ones made out to frustration. Using meditation to keep positive thoughts is a simple, yet powerful solution.

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