Five Tips for Successful Goal Setting

goal setting tips

As humans, we all have goals we hope to accomplish. Whether it is as simple as losing ten pounds or as complex as starting a new career, our dreams for the future are one of the main things that keep us pushing on. Unfortunately, our goals often get lost in the realities of day to day life. Between work, kids, and traffic, there aren’t very many hours left in the day. This doesn’t mean that your goals are not attainable – you will just need a specific plan in order to see them through. This article will present you with five great goal setting tips to help you arrive triumphantly at your destination.

– Milestones. As the saying goes, a journey of a million miles starts with a single step. If you are shooting for a goal that seems impossibly far off, set short term milestones that will keep you on track. The most obvious example is weight loss. If you decide you want to lose fifty pounds, start with five. Once you have lost five, reward yourself with something small and set about losing the next five. This approach keeps your head in a good place as you are never more than a few days away from the next achievement.

– Tell People. Peer pressure often has a negative association, but it can actually be a very positive motivator. Choose a couple of people near to you that will be supportive of your pursuit, and tell them about it. The simple fact that other people know of your plans will help to push you through the tough times.

– Be Committed. Many goals that are never achieved end up that way because they weren’t totally committed to in the first place. Think about trying to make a career change. If you aren’t 100% convinced in your new direction, it will be impossible to put in the time and effort to make it happen. Your heart has to be into it before your head will ever be. When setting out on a journey like a career change, make sure to set aside time for some serious thinking. Once you reach a place of total conviction in your heart, you will be ready to pursue, and achieve, your goal.

– Have a Buddy. In addition to telling people as suggested above, it can be a great help to team up with someone that is pursuing the same goal as you. If you are trying to lose weight, find someone else with similar weight loss goals and support each other. You can work out together, share recipes, and help pull each other through the hard times. This can also be a great strategy for someone going back to school. Make friends with another person in your class and use them to keep you focused on getting your work done. It is not easy to do book work all night after working a full day. Talking with someone else doing the same thing will be a great boost to your motivation.

– Meditation. It may seem counterproductive to spend time meditating while trying to accomplish a goal. Shouldn’t you be out working toward your goal rather than sitting quietly in thought? Not necessarily. The powerful benefits of meditation can be a great boost to your overall attitude and wellbeing, which will translate into higher achievement. Most goals you set require changing your patterns in order to accomplish them – and meditation is excellent at changing patterns. Your brainwaves actually behave differently after successful meditation, making you more relaxed, focused, and motivated. The small time commitment required to meditate will be more than made up for by the improvement in your mental state and overall health.

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