Four Great Ideas on How to Build Your Confidence

how to build your confidence

Confidence is a funny thing. Those who don’t need it often have too much of it. Those who could benefit from it can‘t find it anywhere. Confidence is what pushes us on when things don’t look great, or when others doubt us.

There are ways to build confidence; however, you just have to be willing to make the effort. This article will present you with four ways to develop your confidence to a point of fully believing in yourself.

– Make Time for Your Specialty. All of us have something that we are just really good at. It doesn’t matter if it is an important skill or something totally random. For instance, maybe you are a great juggler. While that is probably of no use to you in the real world, spend some time juggling on a regular basis. The simple act of doing something you are good at will build confidence in yourself that can carry over to other parts of your life. The effect will be even stronger if you are able to perform your juggling (in this example) in front of others. The positive feedback and compliments go straight to your confidence bank to be withdrawn later when you need them.

– Boast Book. The hobby of scrapbooking has become wildly popular in recent years. This involves collecting photos and mementos from different parts of life and compiling them in a book. Even if this is not a hobby of yours, try making a scrapbook of the biggest accomplishments in your life. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or even that well decorated. This book will serve as a place for you to go when your confidence is waning and needs a boost. You can flip through the book and be reminded of all of your past successes. These memories will be enjoyable to relive, and serve to bolster your confidence at the same time.

– Short Term Goals. Many times when we set goals in life, they are far off or unrealistic. Many dieters have failed because they start with the goal of losing 100 pounds or some similarly intimidating number. Even if they are on the right track, they quickly become frustrated at the long road ahead and give up. To build your confidence, try setting much smaller, easier goal to check off as you meet them. Not only does that plan keep you focused on the process rather than the outcome, it will build confidence as you see one success after another pile up. For this weight loss example, the dieter could just try to lose 5 pounds rather than 100. When the 5 pounds have been lost, they can celebrate that milestone and set a new one based on that experience. Before long, the full goal becomes well within reach thanks to a series of milestones along the way.

– Meditation. Confidence has to come from within. Other people telling you how good you are is nice, but that kind of confidence is fleeting at best. True confidence in ones’ self is developed through the deep rooted belief that you can succeed at whatever is in front of you. Meditation is a great way to access that belief. Your mind becomes very clear and focused during meditation, and your brain is freed to think and work in ways it wouldn’t otherwise. By exploring your inner self during meditation, you can unlock confidence that you never know was there. Try making a habit of meditation each day. Schedule it into your day just as you would a workout or a meeting. The sacrifice of a little bit of your time will more than be paid back in the building of your confidence.

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