Having Patience Benefits You And Those Around You

having patience

It is probably a part of the human condition to want things NOW! Everyone would like their desires and hopes to be answered immediately, rather than having to wait. And, sometimes we do get what we want when we want it, without any delay. But, you have undoubtedly noticed, you usually do have to wait to get what you want. We all have a bit of Warty Bliggins in us – he was a toad who thought that the world had been ordered just for him, which is part of the reason why we often have no patience.

Neither you nor anyone else wants to wait forever for something, but if you do accept that in many cases you will have to wait, having patience can help you endure the wait, feel better about yourself, and make you more pleasant to be around generally. Being impatient when events are not going as you had hoped will make you feel frustrated and angry. If you have no patience you may find yourself achieving short term goals, but will generally miss out on the long term ones.

Having Patience Can Improve Your Life

Lack of patience will often make you irritable and not a very nice person to be around. It will make you unpleasant to work with, and it will serve to alienate your family. It will also make you unhappy, as nothing will ever seem to go your way. Having patience means that you will learn to accept setbacks and everyday problems without getting angry and making yourself and others miserable. You’ll find that once you become a more patient person that you will enjoy life much, much more.

Behaving impatiently often brings you into the situation of ‘leaping before you look’. Most people can look back on incidents in their lives that proved to work out poorly simply because they did not exhibit patience. Even if you consider yourself to be an impatient person, having patience is something that can be learned. It doesn’t matter how old you are, either, you can learn how to be patient regardless of your age.

You Can Learn How To Have Patience

Even if you consider yourself to be an extremely impatient person, you can still learn how to become more patient. Having patience isn’t particularly difficult to acquire, it just take a bit of effort (and patience) on your part. Deciding that you are going to be doing something about your attitude towards life is a great first step to achieving your goal.

• Slowing down a bit is a first step for having patience. The old expression, “Take some time to smell the roses” is very appropriate here. Work and home often put so many demands on you that it’s not surprising that you may feel impatient as you try to get everything done. You will have to face that not only are there only so many hours in the day, but that you are one person, not 10. Sort out the things that are important from those that are not if you want to find a way to have more patience.

• Stress makes us feel jumpy and pressured, and one of the best ways to relieve stress and learn how to have more patience is through meditation. Meditation is simple to learn, but you’ll find its benefits washing over into every facet of your life – including having patience. When you meditate, not only do you shut out the jangling outside world, but you also achieve a state of high relaxation, and actually cause a change in the quality of your brainwaves. Endorphins will also be released when you meditate, which will also help you to feel better about yourself and life in general.

• Exercise is another good way to increase your patience level. Getting a good workout or going on a long walk helps to release built up tension. By taking time away from all the pressures of your day, you will separate yourself from what is causing your impatience and, as with meditation, cause endorphins to be released.

Having patience is definitely a goal worth aiming for, but be sure that you are patient in your pursuit. You’ve been impatient for years, so it will take some time to change your behavior patterns, but if you consider the process just a part of having patience, and you’ll probably be surprised at how quickly you become more satisfied with yourself and more able to deal with situations without feeling stressed.

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