Healing by Mind Power: 3 Major Approaches

healing by mind power

The ancient seers knew something that modern science is only beginning to unravel: the mind has latent powers that can be used to heal the body. Healing by mind power has been demonstrated in countless cases and is actually related to what is called the placebo effect. But while the placebo effect can be considered too haphazard to have any consistent result, there are actually three proven methods that you can use to help your mind focus on causing a healing effect in your body.

1. Visualization

Whenever we want to create or do something, we first imagine it: we “visualize” how we’ll finish that school project, or how we’ll woo the girl of our dreams. In fact, everything we see around us—the computer we use, the art work on the wall, that book your sister is reading, the very world we live in—first started as an image in someone’s mind. At the most basic level, the world we see around us is the undeniable proof of man’s ability to visualize. But while undisciplined and uncontrolled visualization can be considered synonymous with “idle” daydreaming, directed visualization is something that can be used to heal the body in more definite terms.

Visualization is, to put it simply, a mental activity in which you imagine—as vividly detailed as possible—the outcome you desire. For example, in using it as part of your efforts in achieving healing by mind power, you can “visualize” yourself already enjoying certain positive health outcomes, such as you’re brimming with health, you are full of energy, or you’re doing physically active things. By visualizing the “healed, healthy state” we desire, you help and empower your mind to “command” your body to follow. Moreover, by adding other senses in the image you’re visualizing, such as adding sound, or taste or smell, you further enhance the mental imagery’s potency.

2. Self-affirmation using positive words and beliefs

Words can wound or heal. And like images, you can use the words you use—especially those that you tell yourself—to achieve healing by mind power. Man is a thinking being, and the words he says to himself and others can either build or destroy. Knowing the power of words, why, then, choose those that can damage you? Hence, by carefully selecting your words you can help out your body to heal yourself. For instance, instead of worrying that your disease might worsen (which is tantamount to feeding your mind with self-reinforcing negative words), you can try doing the exact opposite: by telling yourself, with the right investment of feeling and belief, that you are well, in the pink of health, that you can achieve anything you desire. By constantly feeding yourself with positive words, you are tapping the powers of your mind to cause the desired result. When positive words are paired with positive mental imagery, the health benefits can be astounding.

3. Meditation

All the aforementioned healing powers of the mind (visualization, self-affirmation using positive words and beliefs) can be focused through regular meditation. In the same way you can focus the sun’s rays using a glass lens, meditation makes your mental efforts “laser-targeted” at achieving healing. Indeed, achieving healing by mind power by the use of meditation has been demonstrated in countless studies. For instance, meditation increases your body’s levels of this important substance called DHEA, which greatly improves your overall sense of psychological, even physical well-being and comfort. Session after session, you are able to safely but potently stimulate the nervous system and your brain to shed away all those unwanted layers of disease, anxiety, depression and doubt. Not only that, meditation is also a self-reinforcing process—the more you meditate, the greater positive health benefits you reap.

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