How to Boost Immune System Naturally: 4 Super Awesome Tips

how to boost immune system naturally

There is no magic pill to take when it comes to making yourself impregnable (or almost impregnable) to most common infections or diseases. If you’re wondering about how to boost immune system naturally—because “natural” is the only sensible way to do so—then it is only a matter of changing or tweaking some aspects of your lifestyle to make it more “immune system-friendly.”

Tip 1: Gorge on lots of fruits and vegetables

Please note that we’re using the word “gorge” here as a positive reinforcement—feel free to eat your fruit and veggies in any way you like, as long as you eat plenty. For starters, you can begin with the most basic: greet the morning with a nice, cool glass of lemon juice. Not pure, concentrated lemon juice, but enough to be added to a glass of water or a cup of your favorite tea (there are many ready-made lemon tea products available out there, but we suggest you take the natural route, which is by squeezing the juice of half a lemon into your tea). Lemon juice is known to contribute to the proper maintenance of your body’s internal acid/alkaline balance—keeping it pH-friendly enough for good bacteria, while discouraging the growth of the harmful ones. Aside from lemon, there are many great fruits and veggies you can integrate in your existing diet. For example, you can add broccoli and cauliflower to your stew or soup, throw in a hefty amount of mushrooms such as maitake, reishi or shiitake (they contain these awesome things called complex carbohydrates, which are known to help the immune system in fighting off infections, even cancer. On the other hand, avoid sugary foods—keep your sugar intake as low as possible.

Tip 2: Get enough sleep

Many people who search online on how to boost immune system naturally are told to just sleep. And for good reasons: getting adequate sleep is simply common sense—don’t you feel exhausted when you have to rise up in the morning after getting only a couple of hours of sleep? But while modern science has yet to accurately pinpoint what exactly sleep does to our body, except how it recharges us, enables us to regain mental focus and clarity, and brings back the spring in our step, getting enough sleep obviously feels good and right. How much sleep you need depends on you—some need a full eight hours, while others need less, as long as it’s a restful, deep sleep. It’s important to note, however, that having excessive amounts of sleep is toxic to the body—staying in bed far longer than you feel the need to can leave you sluggish and groggy and basically the opposite of rested.

Tip 3: Exercise

There’s a reason why the topic of exercise keeps cropping up whenever we talk about boosting the immune system: it simply works. Even the simplest, most natural form of exercise—walking or running—enhances the functioning of the lymphatic system (that network of vessels whose job is pick up toxins or infections and eliminate them from the body).

Tip 4: Practice regular meditation

Perhaps not as popular as the other above mentioned tips on how to boost immune system naturally, meditation is nevertheless a highly effective means of enhancing your body’s immune system. The benefits of regular meditation can be best understood in the context of what stress does to the body. When we are under stress, our bodies get flooded with adrenaline and cortisol—imagine those natural chemicals coursing throughout our bodies in the long term as a response to “mild” stresses (short deadlines, more office work, etc). Removing or managing stress through regular meditation can clear out these stressor chemicals from our bodies and help us regain our focus. And without these things in the way, our immune system can do its job better and more efficiently.




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