How to Develop Self-Confidence in 7 Easy Steps

how to develop self confidence

Self-confidence is an essential trait for living a happy and productive life. Without it, we can feel like we are unimportant and even worthless. In order to develop a strong sense of self-belief, you need to develop habits that help to reinforce this concept within your psyche. If you are looking for ways to develop a sense of self-confidence, try taking the following 7 steps.

1. Meet New People

You would be surprised at how effective this can be in improving your confidence. Having a broader social network helps reinforce the idea that you are interesting and important. A great way to meet new people is join a club or professional organization in your area, where you can practice introducing yourself to new people.

2. Practice Looking People in the Eye

If you are shy or uncomfortable with yourself, this may be a difficult thing to do. Even so, practicing this habit will do wonders for your self-esteem. The next time you are having a conversation with someone, practice looking them in the eye while the two of you are speaking. If you feel like you need to look away, resist the temptation. You will notice a difference in how you feel immediately.

3. Stand Up Tall

In order to feel more self-confident you need to look the part. That means trading your typical slouched posture for a more upright position. Roll your shoulders back and keep your spine erect when you are standing and you will notice a big change in how you feel. It may seem awkward at first, but over time this will become your natural way of standing. This can have a surprising effect on your attitude and how you present yourself to other people.

4. Practice Meditation

Poor self-esteem can be the result of unresolved emotions preventing us from developing as an individual and one of the best ways to address these emotions is to practice meditation. Meditation washes away these emotions and uncomfortable feelings and helps you gain a better perspective on what may be causing them in the first place. Give yourself 30 days to practice meditation and you are guaranteed to feel more confident, happier, healthier and more focused than you have ever been.

5. Get Physical

Taking part in a team sport is an excellent way to improve your confidence and sense of belonging to a community. No matter what your age, there is a sport out there that can help you become more active and engaged with like-minded individuals. Many communities have recreational organizations for all kinds of sports, from indoor-soccer to volleyball.

6. Learn a New Language

Communication is an important element in developing your sense of self-confidence and learning a new language gives you the ability to approach situations from a completely new context and worldview. Most community colleges offer discounted classes in foreign languages and you can find several different free resources online as well. A few hours every week spent learning a new language will do wonders for your confidence and will even improve your memory.

7. Practice Martial Arts

Martial arts are an excellent resource for your personal development. Most individuals that practice martial arts tend to be more focused, physically fit and emotionally balanced. If you decide to practice a martial art like Judo or Aikido, you will discover unique insights that can make a difference in other aspects of your life.

Developing self-confidence involves taking action to achieve goals and make changes to your behavior. If you follow the 7 steps that we have listed above, you can learn to improve your sense of self-worth and become a more confident and positive person.

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