How to Heal Your Body With Your Mind in 5 Different Ways

how to heal your body with your mind

Did you know that the medical community has overwhelming data to support the fact that you can heal your body with your mind? It’s true! We only understand a fraction of what the brain is capable of and we are learning new things everyday. Surprisingly, some of these techniques we will provide you with in this article have been used for centuries by various cultures to help the body overcome mental and physical illnesses. If you’re trying to learn how to heal your body with your mind, consider these five different tactics.

Smile More

There is plenty of evidence that shows happy people heal faster than unhappy people. When you are stressed or anxious you will be much less likely to heal in an efficient manner. Stress and anxiety lower your immune response and place you in a negative state of mind that is not conducive to healing. Don’t worry if you’re not a naturally positive person–you can learn to be one! Practice positive affirmations and avoiding negative thought patterns and you may be surprised at your results.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Music has played a vital role in human culture for thousands of years and we are learning more about how music can affect our mental and physical condition every day. If you would like to heal your body, you should consider picking up a guitar or sitting down at the piano. By tapping into your creative processes, you will put your body in a more positive and healthy state that promotes recovery.

Practice Meditation

Meditation may be the most effective method that you can use to heal your body with your mind. Meditation has been scientifically proven to boost essential brain chemicals such as GABA, serotonin and endorphins. When these vital chemicals are too low, you can experience anxiety, depression and other mental problems.

Practicing meditation also increases your body’s production of human growth hormone and reduces cortisol. Insufficient amounts of human growth hormone (HGH) have been linked to loss of muscle mass, body fat retention, heart problems, motivation issues and more. Cortisol is a hormone that inhibits the immune system and other vital processes and that it can be vital to reduce its production.

Practice Yoga

Yoga helps you to eliminate toxic waste that can prevent your body from healing properly. An integral aspect of yoga is reaching a more relaxed state of mind and this has shown to have a wide variety of health benefits. Yoga can help treat several different conditions, from back problems to depression.

Use Visualization Techniques

It’s no secret that visualization techniques can help you reach success. Everyone from competitive athletes to Hollywood actors has described how important visualization was to their success. When you use visualization to imagine the outcome you desire then you are training your mind and body to try to make that image real.

An easy way to visualize a desired outcome is to spend about 20 minutes in a quiet area. Close your eyes and let yourself smile as you begin building the image.

Answer the following questions:

  • Where are you?
  • What do you feel like?
  • What do your friends and family think about this transformation?

Paint this picture as vividly in your mind as you can and then return to it on a daily basis. Add to the image until it feels so real that you can touch it. If you are suffering from an illness or injury, you could be imagining yourself living the life that waits for you when you heal. This process can help you heal in a more effective way, as you will be subconsciously creating ways to make the image come true.

If you are trying to learn how to heal the body with your mind we hope that you will consider some of the techniques we have listed above. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life and the first step there is to put your mind to the task!


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