How to Improve Will Power that Paves the Road to Self-Actualization

how to improve will power

Will power is the singly most effective and important factor that enables you to try, achieve, and sustain. Be it a routine task at home or an important business venture, unless and until you are not personally determined, no other stimuli can force you to complete these tasks.

There are times when you feel like doing something but lack will power for it; that’s where you need it the most but apparently seem to be helpless. For all those people who want to know how to improve will power, here are some insights and tips and tricks that will prove beneficial.

Two Schools of Thoughts

With reference to will power and its varying capacities, there are two schools of thoughts that support distinct opinions. Some researchers claim that will power is certainly provoked by inner feelings; so if you believe you have the capability to head on to a certain goals, then you definitely have that power to attain it.

On the other hand are researchers who negate this opinion and believe in the opposite. For them, will power is more like a physical object that depreciates and loses its efficiency over time. They say that will power decreases with continuous consumption and that it is a limited resource that is meant to finish.

You are What You Believe

Though early research studies indicate that will power reduces over time as you keep on making decisions with the use of your will power, recently conducted research studies disclose different insights. According to latest research, will power depends on your own thoughts. People who showed lack of will power, couldn’t complete the tasks they were assigned. However, those who believed in their skills and capabilities eventually turned out to be the achievers.

‘You are what you believe’ is indeed justified. The first and foremost technique on how to improve will power is to believe in yourself. If you teach someone repeatedly that he/she has got the will power, self-discipline, and self-control to make and attain targets, they will prove to have them all. In addition, such people will not experience decline in will power no matter how much they use it. Likewise, teaching someone that they lack will power and self-control will lead them to believe what you tell them repeatedly. These are the ones who let their negative thoughts hinder their potential.

Will Power is Closely Knit with Success

Research indicates that success, health, and happiness are found in abundance in the lives of those who exercise desired levels of will power. We must admit that others will not stretch their helping hands whenever we are in trouble. It’s you yourself who has to take up the charge of what happens in your life. Relying on external stimuli to improve your will power is nothing but a misconception and excuse to escape challenges. Those who believe in themselves are the ones who achieve personal and professional growth over a lifetime.

Techniques for Improvement

  • Despite recurring failures and/or low performance, you must not let yourself feel bad about it. Keep trying until you get there. Be it a new born baby who repeatedly tries to stand up or an athlete who wants to reach the goal, life is challenging for each one of us.
  • Never pay attention to negative comments and remarks of others. However, listen closely to constructive criticism and make an effort to improve.
  • Be among those who love you, support you, and encourage you for your own betterment. They will stand by you when you feel low.
  • Even if you fail, realize the failure but never ever accept it as your destiny. Try again and repeat until you achieve the set goal.
  • Meditation is also effective in improving will power as you generate and spread positive vibrations. The exercise enables you to focus on the positive cognitive processes to make life better.

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