How to Increase Creative Thinking and Become More Successful


A lot of people say that success is 1% luck and 99% hard work. While there is some truth to this statement, what most people don’t realize is that a huge part of success relies on creative thinking. Creative thinking allows you to come up with ideas that are new and possibly revolutionary. Creativity allows you to see things in a different light, and find the best solutions to even the most complicated problems. With creativity, you can be successful in anything be it school, work, or even your hobbies.

Here are some ways on how to increase your creative thinking:

1. Ask More Questions – Questions are the starting point of creative thinking. Once you start to wonder about something, it will get your mind humming and kickstart your path to creativity. For example, when you’re presented with a new mobile phone, try asking “What can I do with it?” or “How can this make my work easier?” Questions like these will drive you to come up with great ideas. Because you asked questions, you will then study the manual, or watch YouTube videos about the phone. It will also urge you to tinker with the device. You can apply this to any situation in your life. Go ahead; ask yourself, “To what situations can I apply this to?”

2. Study the “Box” – When people talk about creativity and creative thinking, they often mention the cliché about “thinking outside the box”. The truth is, before you can step out of the proverbial box, you need study it first. The better saying is, “Study the rules first, so you’ll know how to break them later.” In other terms, widen your knowledge first on what the normal processes, ideas, or notions are. What are the basic parts of a computer? What can a typical magazine present to readers? Know the basics first so that you can have a basis on what to veer away from.

3. Widen Your Knowledge – Another great way on how to increase creative thinking is to widen your knowledge. This includes reading books, going over articles, reading newspapers, watching the television, even just being more observant. The key is to try and learn more. The more stock knowledge you have in your head, the more things you can apply to your problems or challenges. For example, if you want to become a better chef then it’s a wise idea to first travel the world and taste different cuisines. Or if you’re an insurance (sales) agent, maybe you can study how other industries sell their products. Study their approach, their most effective programs and incentives for customers. Increased knowledge leads to a wider scope for your creative thinking.

4. Meditate – To increase your creative thinking, sometimes, all you need to do is to sit still and be quiet. When presented with a challenging problem, try to stop what you’re doing and meditate. Calm yourself down and take deep breaths. Disregard all of the distractions around you and let your mind wander. A lot of times, the best ideas come to us when our minds are at peace and when we are in a heightened state of meditation. Try this exercise and surely you can come up with creative ideas.

5. Try a Different Approach – Another effective way on how to increase creative thinking is to be rational and try new approaches. List down all of the ideas that you have tried before. Find out why certain things don’t work and why others do. Look back at what you’ve done so far so that you can move forward and avoid recreating the same mistakes. For some people, creative thinking flows better once they’ve removed the worst options.

Always remember that creativity can help you to become successful in any aspect of your life, so make sure that you’ll always use your mind and make an effort to think in a creative way.

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