How to Increase Motivation in Five Steps

how to increase motivation

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have the capacity for great accomplishments. Each of us has our unique talents and gifts that make us who we are. Sometimes these talents are developed through education and practice; other times they are just in-born abilities that few other people have. While everyone has something to offer the world, not everyone has the needed motivation to capitalize on those talents. Motivation is a required component of any accomplishment, yet is lacking in many of our daily lives. To put the motivation back in your life and make the most of your ability, follow these five simple steps.

– Clarity of Purpose. The first step on the road to being motivated is knowing exactly what you are motivated to do. The times when we lose are way are most often the times when don’t have a clear goal in mind. Set out easily defined objectives for yourself and your brain will have a much easier time staying focused on them. Distraction is the number one cause of lost motivation – clearly defined goal will prevent that from ever becoming a problem.

– Encouragement. Motivation comes largely from within, but we all need an external push from time to time. Find at least a couple people in your life that you can count on for a gentle nudge in the right direction when you get lazy or distracted. Make sure these people are very aware of your goals, and what it will take to accomplish them. That way, they can spot warning signs of you getting off track and straighten you out before it’s too late.

– Look at the Rewards. If you are a long path toward accomplishing your goals, pause occasionally to remind yourself of why you are working so hard. Maybe you are going to school for a higher paying job – stop and think about what life will be like when you are earning a great salary and can afford luxuries that are currently out of reach. The good feelings that come with those thoughts can keep your motor running when you feel motivation waning. Remind yourself of why you started the journey in the first place and you will have no trouble staying on track.

– Make it Bite Sized. Even the greatest goals can be hard to stay focused on if they are years in the making. Our brains just aren’t wired to think that far ahead on a daily basis. To increase your motivation, try chopping up your goal into much shorter segments that you can cross off one at a time. Ideally these steps won’t take more than a few weeks to achieve – the shorter the better. Not only will this staggered approach keep you focused, but it will also boost your spirits by feeling a sense of accomplishment every time you pass another milestone. It can also be beneficial to attach small rewards to some of the steps in order to feel added gratification.

– Meditate. Taking time out for you is critical to stay motivated over the long haul. If you only look at your goals every minute of every day, you can easily lose your sense of self. Meditation is a great way to get that back. Create a schedule that calls for time spent in meditation each day – even if it is only a few minutes. That time will be valuable in keeping your brain clear of negative thoughts and focused on what is important in your life. Meditation has the power to actually rewire your brain and improve the way you think. Thinking clearly is a powerful way to increase your levels of motivation on a daily basis.

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