How to Maintain a Positive Attitude Using Seven Quick Tips

how to maintain a positive attitude

The power of attitude is one of the most underrated portions of human health and wellbeing. Doctors often say patients with serious illnesses are much more likely to recover if they approach their treatment with a positive attitude. Life is all about perspective – having a positive view will turn huge obstacles into small challenges for you to overcome. To be sure, maintaining a positive attitude can have life changing effects. So how can you do it? Consider these seven tips –

– Rise and Shine. A great way to feel good about life and yourself is to get out of bed early. Even moving your alarm up just ten minutes can give you a boost. You will feel more in control of your day by not being rushing through your morning routine. Nothing can ruin your mood and outlook faster than waking up late, scrambling through your morning, and never really catching up. Rise early and see your attitude improve almost immediately.

– Plan Ahead. Get in the habit of planning your days out ahead of time. A good schedule might be to sit down Sunday night and lay out the week ahead. This way you will be more organized, get more done, and be more positive as a result. Success and accomplishment both breed positivity, so set yourself up for those successes by planning ahead.

– Get Moving. Exercise has a positive effect on every area of your life, and your attitude is no different. Your body will feel better, you will look better, and your attitude is sure to stay in a great place when you stick to a consistent exercise routine. This can go hand in hand with the first tip if you use the extra time in the morning to sneak in a quick workout.

– Read Inspiring Words. Sometimes all it takes to keep your mind in a positive place are encouraging thoughts from someone else. Seek out articles or books that are meant to motivate and inspire and read them on a regular basis. Getting these reinforcements on all of the reasons to have a good attitude prevent your mind from slipping into a more negative mode.

– Pursue Your Goals. It is hard to have a positive attitude when you are sitting back and waiting for something good to happen to you. Be proactive and work toward creating positive situations. Not happy with your career? Rather than getting your attitude down about it, actively work toward better options until you successfully make a change. You will arrive at a better place, and have kept your attitude up throughout the process.

– Schedule a Laugh. A great laugh is a quick way to turn your mood around. Plan a short amount of time each day to either read or listen to something humorous. You can easily search the web for unlimited jokes and funny stories, or download some stand-up comedy onto an iPod. A consistent habit of laughter can keep your attitude in a great place, and will provide a pick-me-up if you are having a down day.

– Meditate. Most of our negative thoughts and feelings come from when we like life is spiraling out of our control. We get super-busy, frustrated, and overwhelmed sometimes – and the negative attitude soon follows. Meditation is a great way to fight back against all of those feelings. Make meditation a part of your daily routine and it will become a time for peace and serenity that can relax every part of your brain. Think of it as pushing a ‘reset’ button. The short time commitment required to meditate will be more than worth it when you emerge with newfound clarity and a positive attitude to face your day.

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