How To Overcome Negative Thinking Using 5 Great Tips

overcome negative thinking

Negative thoughts can occur in even the most positive of people and if they’re not dealt with can manifest themselves in such a way that can affect your life. In many ways you could say a negative thought is akin to a snowball rolling down a very steep and very long hill. It may start off small, but as it gathers momentum it turns into a huge ball of snow and ice that can crush you. Okay this may be a little dramatic but hopefully you get my drift! On the flip side, a positive thought, if nurtured correctly can also blossom into a great outcome. So with this in mind, how do you overcome negative thinking? Here are 5 great tips that can help.

Tip 1 – Meditation

A great way to over come negative thought processes is through meditation. In essence, meditation turns our characteristic Beta brainwaves ( our normal waking everyday state where we experience feelings of anxiety, stress, anger, sadness) into Alpha brainwaves. This is where light relaxation techniques begin to melt away feelings of stress, anger, sadness etc . In addition, use slightly deeper relaxation techniques to start experiencing feelings of inspired thought and motivation. On the whole, meditation is a great way to bring your mind and body back to the here and now, instead of allowing negative thought processes to focus on the projected future and what might or might not happen.

Tip2 – Have a laugh

They say that laughter is the best cure and when it comes to being able to overcome negative thinking, it certainly helps. Put on your favorite comedy film or TV series and have a laugh, or think about a funny experience. You’d be surprised at how much it changes your mood and indeed your positivity levels.

Tip 3 – Change your thought processes

When we do have negative thoughts, it’s often easy to accept that thought and not to question or challenge it. After all, a thought is all that it is at this point right! Instead, try turning that negative thought on its head. For example if you are thinking that ‘you have a large bill coming up and you won’t have the funds to be able to pay it’ then instead, why not change the tone of your thoughts to reflect that ‘although raising the money to make the payment is going to be a challenge, we will come up with a solution’.

Tip 4 – Speak to positive people

Like laughter, positivity is indeed infectious, so when you are stuck in a negative spiral, try surrounding yourself with people who are genuinely positive. Talk to someone who can give you constructive yet caring feedback about your problem. They will be able to put things into perspective for you as they won’t feel the negativity that you are feeling.

Tip 5 – Read something positive every day

Sometimes it’s very easy to wake up feeling a little negative. For example, imagine it’s a Monday morning, it’s pouring with rain and you’ve got a particularly busy day at work, in a job you don’t especially like. It’s pretty easy to understand how this is going to impact on your negative feelings. Instead why not start the day with a positive quote. If you like, write it on a post-it-note and place it on your computer, bedside table, or fridge door. Make it the first thing that you read when you awake. You’ll be surprised at how much it will inspire you and uplift you.

In essence being able to overcome negative thinking is all about realizing that everyone has negative thoughts. Instead it’s how you deal with them and how you allow those thoughts to manifest themselves that really makes the difference.

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