How to Stop Worrying and Start Living in 7 Easy Steps

how to stop worrying and start living

Do you lie awake at night worrying about the next day, month or year? Are you always so focused on tomorrow that you fail to live today?

Worrying does nothing for you. It doesn’t make good things happen any more than it prevents bad things from occuring. All it does is place stress on your mind and body, making life more difficult and less pleasurable.

So, how can you stop worrying? Follow these seven easy steps:

1. Stay in the present. You can’t change the past so let go of what should have or could have been. And, you can’t control the future so quit focusing on what may or may not be. The only thing you have control over is the here and now. Enjoy exactly where you are in life right now and make choices that support the life you want to live.

2. Accept what you can’t control. This is hard because you automatically assume that in order to accept something, you have to like it. That’s not true. You just have to admit that things are the way they are. If you truly can’t change something, you have to let it go or it will eat you up from the inside out.

3. Be proactive. Don’t just sit back and let life happen, worrying about it every step of the way. If there’s something you can do to make your future better, do it. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t wait until your health fails you to cure it. Take care of yourself by eating right and being active now so you don’t have problems in the future.

4. Don’t ignore issues. Pretending that issues don’t exist doesn’t make it so. The sooner you acknowledge their presence, the easier they are to take care of. It’s like noticing a small hole in your roof. If you worry about it, but do nothing to fix it, pretty soon the whole thing caves in. However, if you had taken care of it when it was small, you would have saved yourself a lot of pain, aggravation and money.

5. Don’t procrastinate. Just as ignoring issues doesn’t help, neither does putting off resolving them. It’s like looking at your email. If you open an email that requires a response and just close it to do it later, you’ve now given yourself more time to worry about it. And, if you don’t take care of it until the third or fourth time you open it, well, you get the point. Deal with something the first time you come across it and you will save yourself a lot of time and worry.

6. Educate yourself. If you’re worrying about something you don’t understand, make it a point to learn as much as possible so that you do understand it. A lot of times, we worry because we’re ignorant and don’t know the realities of our circumstance. Learn them and make your best educated decision about how to deal with them effectively.

7. Meditate. When you feel overwhelmed with worry and concern, meditation can help slow things down. It boosts chemicals in your body that ease your stress, frustration and worry, leaving you feeling happier and more at peace.

The more time you spend worrying, whether it be about yourself or someone else, the less time you spend actually living your life. Walking with worry is like walking with a huge weight on your shoulders. It causes you pain and anguish and forces you to walk hunched over, looking at nothing other than the ground beneath your feet.

Relieve yourself of the worry. Remove the weight on your shoulders. Walk upright and see the great world that is on display in front of you. That, my friend, is living.

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