I’m Bored, What Should I Do?

im bored what should i do

I’m bored, what should I do? This is a question that is most commonly heard from children and teenagers, particularly when they are at home for the summer holidays and are no longer constantly surrounded by their school friends. However, it can equally apply to adults at work, especially those who are disillusioned with their job and would like a new challenge, but don’t know how to go about it. Alternatively, moving jobs may seem like too much of a frightening prospect, and it is simply easier to stay where you are, even though you may not like it.

Finding a new challenge in your existing job

If you would like to stay at your current place of work, whatever your reasons may be, that does not prevent you from seeking a new challenge. Find out what other job vacancies exist within the company, and see how you would go about applying for these. If there is nothing available that is suitable for you, then that doesn’t mean you have to stick with your current role. Ask your manager if there are any additional responsibilities that you can take on – explain that you would be interested in a new challenge. This shows that you are ambitious, yet looking to stay loyal to your current employer if at all possible,

Looking for a new job

Applying for a new job can be daunting, and the thought of filling in application forms and going for interviews is what puts many people off changing their job. However, with the wide selection of job agency websites, it is now much easier because all you need to do is upload a copy of your CV, and let the websites send suitable job descriptions directly to your inbox.

If you are looking for a completely new challenge, then it may be more difficult for you to find a new job. Most employers are looking for some experience, or at least a relevant qualification, and are unlikely to consider you if you are unable to offer this. However, if you think ahead, rather than applying for jobs impulsively, you can achieve this.

Start an evening class or home study course

For anybody looking to progress up the ladder at work, having relevant qualifications and experience is an absolute must. While some employers are able to provide excellent in-house training, enabling you to develop all sorts of skills, others will provide the minimum to meet legal requirements. If you do not have access to a comprehensive training scheme, don’t worry. Pick up a brochure from your local college, or look at part time courses from a nearby university. Some of these don’t have any entry requirements, while others are looking for previous qualifications, so bear this in mind. There will, however, be courses that interest you, and having these qualifications will be extremely valuable for aiding your career progression.

If all else fails, find a new hobby

If changing your job does not appeal after doing your research into the options, then finding a new hobby will help you to combat the boredom. Think about any activities that you have always wanted to try, but have made excuses not to do over the years. It is now time to stop making those excuses and just go for it, as complaining that you are always bored will simply make you sound like a child, instead of a professional, responsible adult.
Finding yourself a new challenge is one of the most effective ways to combat boredom, and you will also learn a new skill in the process.

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