Nine Practical Tips for How to be Present

how to be present

There are many benefits to living in the present moment. Being more present can assist people with being more mindful; fewer things are forgotten and the chaos of the mind is calmed and re-trained to think of only important things that matter right now. People find they have more energy when they stop thinking about the past and worrying about the future and instead start living for the present time.

If you decide to start living for the present moment you will probably feel less self-conscious and find that you are better equipped to deal with people in social settings. You are likely to have more creative ideas. You will be more appreciate and thankful of the world around you and for the things that you have in your life.

You will feel more relaxed, with less worries and fears. You stop over-analysing and over-thinking situations. You will likely feel more positive and confident when you start living in the present moment, with a greater sense of clarity and purpose. When people are present, they are generally calmer and more centred.

There are nine helpful tips to show you how to be present in your own life.

1. Start Your Day in the Present

Try to go outside every morning for a few minutes before you begin your day. Look at nature, the sky, clouds, birds, animals and insects. Consider the different shapes and colours all around you, pay attention to flowers, trees and individual blades of grass. Notice dew-dropped spiders’ webs glistening in the morning. Tune into your new day by harmonising with nature. This will make you feel more grounded and is an excellent way for you to learn how to be present.

2. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Focus on your present surroundings. Look at the things around you. Hear the sounds happening right now. Inhale deeply and think about the scents you can detect. Think about what you can feel; consider the temperature, the texture of your clothes. Invoke all of your senses. Pay attention to the world around you now, rather than anticipating what is to come or thinking about what happened before.

3. Concentrate on Your Breathing

Focusing on deep breathing for a few minutes can help you to become focused again on the here and now as well as helping you to release any tensions.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a fantastic exercise for those wishing to become more present, although at first it can seem difficult and does require some practice. As with any skill though, your meditation abilities will gradually improve over time. Spend some time in a quiet place, relax your mind and your body and allow all other thoughts to just drift away as you focus solely on being you in the present moment. Some people use tools to help them achieve focus, for example images, objects, sounds and chants. Practice with different tools until you find a way of mediation that really works for you.

5. Enjoy Silence

Perform some tasks in silence. Turn of the radio and the television and just think about the task that you are doing. If you are preparing dinner, think about the way that you chop the vegetables, see the different colours of your food, feel the different textures and smell the different aromas. Be aware of each step of our routine. Take time to consider and enjoy an otherwise common task.

6. Improve Your Social Skills

When speaking with somebody, make them your sole focus. Do not interrupt to look at SMS messages, emails or take a phone call. Know that other things can wait. When interacting with people, try to speak less and listen more.

7. Spend Some Time Alone

Spend some time away from your computer, away from your mobile phone, away from all technology that allows us to easily communicate with others and just be still, on your own. Perhaps sit and read a book or take a stroll in the park. Whatever you choose to do, really concentrate on what you are doing, be aware of what you are doing, and enjoy what you are doing, free from all other distractions.

8. Think About Your Body

Think about the workings of your inner body. Flex a muscle and imagine the way that it is moving inside you, underneath your skin. Feel the sensation when the muscle contracts and relaxes.

9. Finish Your Day in the Present

Before you go to sleep replay your day. Think about your day in detail, considering how you felt. Be thankful for the good things in that day and think about any lessons you can learn from your days’ events.

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