Nine Spiritual Awakening Signs

spiritual awakening signs

More people are tuning in to their higher life purpose and embracing spirituality, with common signs associated with the phenomena:

1. Emotions

Experiencing stronger emotions is a frequent sign, in particular crying over things that would not previously have touched you. Feelings of anger, sorrow and joy will also likely be stronger, and emotions can vary quickly between the extremes. Realise that you are not your emotions. You have the choice whether to hold on to feelings, giving them energy to grow, or whether to acknowledge them and let them pass.

2. Sleep

Your sleep patterns may alter, with more frequent awakenings during the night, or waking at the same time each night. Amounts of sleep needed may vary.

3. Dreams

Your dreams may be prophetic, contain messages, or encourage you to examine things with greater detail. It may take a few moments for you to distinguish between dreams and wakened states. You will likely experience intense and vivid dreams.

4. Sensory Changes

Your senses may become more acute, including seeing halo like auras around living things and inanimate objects. You might notice things in your periphery vision and shapes in your mind when your eyes are closed. Colours can appear more vivid. You may experience unusual sounds, including buzzing or ringing noises. There may be greater sensory awareness of things that have spiritual importance.

Tastes may change, and you may start reacting differently towards certain foods, developing new allergies, intolerances or cravings. You might be able to detect smells that others cannot.

5. Physical Symptoms

It is common for people to have different aches and pains, as well as tingling sensations around the body. As with all unexplained physical changes though, it is wise to seek medical advice to rule out other causes.

You may feel disorientated, as though your body no longer fits in the space around you, or you cannot coordinate your movements correctly.

6. Energy

Changing energy levels is a common occurrence. You may fluctuate between feeling full of vitality, and then feeling sluggish and lethargic.

You may be more motivated to make positive changes, and you may notice an increase in psychic energy and sensitivity.

7. Relationships

Perhaps you will become more appreciative of those around you; relationships may become deeper and stronger bonds created.

Conversely, you may feel disconnected from those who you previously felt close to; you may feel an overwhelming loneliness and a sense of no longer belonging.

You will probably meet people who you feel instantly drawn to, and with whom you feel like you share a deep connection.

8. Attitudes and Interests

You may have a deeper appreciation for nature and wildlife and pay more attention to seasonal changes. Your interests and hobbies will probably change. Perhaps you will be disinterested in many previously pleasurable activities, with your artistic, musical and reading preferences altering. Innovative skills become apparent and creativity increases.

Your values change. You become less pre-occupied with the outer self and begin to appreciate oneness with the universe with a greater sense of purpose.

Integrity and honesty will probably gain importance, as well as an increase in your sense of justice and fairness. Some people experience stronger feelings of compassion and empathy, with an increased flow in kindness.

You stop worrying about life so much, and become more accepting of things.

9. Guidance

Synchronicity, or coincidence, is where questions are answered by signs or people showing up at the right time; this happens when you are more tuned into the world. You seem to meet the right people at the right time and place.

When several of these spontaneously happen, you are likely starting to awake spiritually.

The Role of Meditation

Regular meditation can help you to find courage to embrace change and understand why certain things must progress. It makes you feel more at peace with yourself and the world around you. When you meditate, you calm the incessant busyness in your mind. It can lead to enlightenment, and makes it easier to follow your passions whilst allowing your heart and your intuition to guide you.

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