Seven Great Methods of Inspiration

inspiration methods

Feeling inspired is a powerful thing. Most great accomplishments in life start from a moment of inspiration. It can motivate you through countless hours of hard work and setbacks until you reach your goal. Inspiration is what keeps you going even if others around you doubt your pursuit or tell you to give it up all together. But how do you get – and stay – inspired? It’s not as hard as it seems. Follow these seven simple methods to keep inspiration flowing through your veins.

– Keep Exploring. Inspiration starts to fade when life gets repetitive or dull. Try to continually seek out new experiences in order to encourage your mind to feel inspired. Our minds can go on ‘auto-pilot’ and fall into a rut when they encounter the same scenarios day after day.

– Be Open Minded. You can’t become inspired if you are closed off to new ideas. Try to be open to all new thoughts at first, only ruling them out after you spend time considering their benefits and drawbacks. You will probably end up ruling out a lot of new ideas, but it will be worth it to find the one diamond in the rough.

– Spread the Word. Find other people who share your desire to be inspired and communicate regularly with them. The process of talking through your ideas and dreams with people who are supportive of them will only serve to cultivate them further. You also may find whole new ideas that germinate from those conversations.

– Look to Role Models. If you are trying to stay inspired in a certain field, seek out knowledge from others who have been successful in that very field. Use the stories of their journey as inspiration to keep you motivated through your difficult times. Anyone who has achieved great things inevitable struggled along the way. These stories of overcoming challenges will help you take on your own tough times knowing there is light on the other side of the tunnel.

– Deliberate Action. While trying to cultivate inspiration, make conscious decisions that serve your greater purpose. Spending as much time as possible thinking about or working toward your goal will help you to remain inspired over a period of time. When you have to occupy too much of your days with things that don’t serve to provide any inspiration, you are bound to lose your way. Keep finding inspiration at front of mind throughout your day to consistently make progress on your journey.

– Emotional Check. If you are prone to becoming strongly emotional – either positively or negatively – try to keep those emotions under control to stay inspired. When you let emotions run wild, they will take over your thought process and you can lose track of what your goals are dreams really are. Negative emotions especially have a powerful ability to pull our brains off track. To counter your negative emotions, try to simple take note of them when they start to swell up. Step back, logically evaluate these emotions, and use those evaluations to regain control. This level headed attitude is a big key to remaining inspired over a long period of time.

– Meditate. Along the same lines as controlling your emotions, meditation can help you to find and keep inspiration. When you make a habit of quiet meditation, you will help your brain to turn down the ‘noise’ that comes from the world around us. Your thinking becomes clearer, and you become more focused on what your goals in life really are. That focus serves to increase your levels of inspiration because you feel capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to.

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