Seven Great Tools to Find Inspiration

inspiration tools

Many of us have ambitious ideas or goals, but fall a little bit short in the inspiration department. It is a common problem in modern society – sometimes we just let our lives get in the way of chasing those dreams. Inspiration is the part of our brain that pushes us through the doubts and fears when we consider just giving up on whatever it is we are chasing. By feeding that inspiration regularly, we keep the dreams alive and get a little closer to them each day. Use the following 7 inspirational tools to motivate you all the way to the finish.

– Be Specific. Our brains are scared off by confusion or conflict. If the dream you are chasing isn’t a clear vision, you will be far less likely to see it through. Take time to write out exactly what it is you want to accomplish, and you will find yourself much more inspired to see it through.

– No Fear. Another emotion that blocks our brains from being productive is fear. When we are fearful of something we tend to close up and stop pursuing it. Have a talk with yourself (or a friend) about what parts of your dream you are afraid of. By thinking it through logically, you can rationalize the fear and free up your brain space to focus on the goals you have set.

– Believe It. This tip sort-of sounds like a cop out, but it’s true. If you don’t truly believe you can accomplish your goals, you never stand a chance. Summon all of your conviction to stand firmly behind what you are pursuing. If you don’t feel 100% committed to the process, you may need to reevaluate your goals and consider adjusting them until you feel the true belief.

– Take a Leap. At some point, you will have to be all-in with your dream and take a chance on it. Whether it is a financial or emotional commitment that is required, don’t do anything half way. At the point you decide the time is right to go for it, don’t waste any time looking back. There are no guarantees in life – so stop looking for them. Work hard, keep your head down, and trust in your plan. Find people who are supportive of your dream and lean on them for support in difficult times.

– Expect to Fail. That may sound like the wrong attitude, but bear with me. When you expect failures along your path, they will not deter you. Rare is the successful person who didn’t fall on their face several times along the way. It comes with the territory. If you dare to be something more than what you have been, you have to accept the possibility that rejection and failure will be part of the journey. They don’t have to be bad things. Learn from them, and most importantly, keep on going.

– Step Back. Another good tip for staying inspired over a period of time is to step away now and then. Plan out a day or two where you don’t work on (or even think about) your goals and dreams. Make the purpose of these days just to live in the moment and enjoy the people around you. Days like these will recharge your batteries and make sure the inspiration tank doesn’t end up on empty.

– Meditate. A consistent pattern of meditation can also keep your inspiration levels up. Meditation focuses your brain back to the basics, starting with breathing. From there, you build back in layers of thought until you are seeing a clearer picture of your life as a whole. Think of it as exercise for your brain. Inspiration can be drawn from feeling calm and prepared for your mission – and meditation is a great tool to get your mind in that place.

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