Seven Useful Positive Thinking Techniques

positive thinking techniques

Our minds are incredibly powerful tools – even more so than we may realize. Just by thinking something, we can make it more likely to occur. That is a powerful, but dangerous ability. If your thoughts are positive and uplifting, you will increase the likelihood of seeing those dreams through to fruition. If they are negative, however, you can have just the opposite effect. Obviously it is our best interests to keep our minds thinking positively throughout the day, and this article will help you do just that. Chew on the following seven tips for a consistent stream of positive thinking.

– Start With a Plan. You are far more likely to think positively about your day if you have a specific plan for what you want to accomplish. Try getting in the habit of each night writing out goals for the next day. Make them simple enough to get done in one day, but challenging enough to keep you motivated.

– Positive Vibes. Just like any other human emotion, positivity can be contagious. Make it a point to surround yourself with people who think and act in an uplifting manner. Even if you are more inclined to negativity at first, you will find your spirits lifted by their energy.

– Give Thanks. There are certainly many things in your life to be thankful for – and you should do so on a regular basis. Stopping to realize everything you appreciate in your life makes you automatically feel more positive. When we take things for granted is when the negativity starts to grab control. It can help to write out a ‘thankful’ list every so often to remind yourself off all the good that surrounds you.

– Exercise. Maybe the most powerful tool in continuing the think positive is a consistent habit of physical activity. Your brain produces chemicals called endorphins during exercise which give the body a natural high. Beyond the chemical benefit is the psychological boost you get from setting an exercise goal and following through on it. You will also look slim and fit which can boost your confidence and mood. All around, exercise is simply a great step toward positive thinking.

– Take Charge. By stepping out and being in control of a situation, you will be more inclined to feel positive about it. Don’t be afraid of failure – use taking control as an opportunity to put your positive thinking into practice in the real world. With a good attitude behind you, you are already most of the way toward becoming a reliable leader.

– Keep at It. Positivity is quick to fade if we turn back at the first sign of trouble. Before you start any new endeavor, commit to being in it for the long haul. With that conviction in mind, you won’t be put off by early challenges or failures. Accept the fact that you will get knocked down along the way, and your mindset will be able to stay positive even in the hard times. If you are looking for a free and easy ride to success, you might want to change your expectations. Thinking positively means understanding you will face obstacles, and having the confidence and energy to overcome them.

– Meditate. Negative thinking often occurs in cycles. One incident or event gets you down, and everything else starts to get painted with a negative brush. Daily meditation can be a great way to break that cycle and refocus your mind. Meditation benefits positive thinking by allowing your mind to clear and think logically about your life without the distractions of life going on around you. Next time you feel like the negative thinking in your brain is taking over, stop and meditate. Even if you only have a few minutes, the calm inside yourself will bring you back to reality and get your thought process back on track.

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