Six Easy Ways to Build Confidence

ways to build confidence

People in certain professions understand clearly the need for confidence. Pro athletes, for example, need to maintain high levels of confidence to perform at their very best. With fans booing them and millions of people watching, they have to be able to look within and find a belief that they can get the job done. In a different way, doctors need to have that same inner confidence. Being entrusted with the wellbeing of another person requires an incredible amount of belief in ones abilities. It is not just high profile jobs that require confidence however. Everyone, in every walk of life, can benefit from feeling good about themselves. The following are six easy ways you can build confidence into your own life.

– Look to the Past. You have succeeded at something in the past – everyone has. Call on those memories to keep your confidence up going forward. One way to keep those memories fresh is to put reminders of them all around you. If you have trophies or awards, display them around the house. You have done really well in school, print out report cards or test scores and hang them on the wall. Seeing these positive reinforcements will subconsciously put your confidence at a high level.

– Build a Fan Club. Some people in your life, like parents or good friends, will always have a high opinion of you. Keep them close by for a pep talk anytime you start to feel down. Just hearing them talk about what they think of you will lift your self-confidence and have you ready to conquer the world in no time.

– Admit Weakness. Being truly confident means you understand what you are good at – and what you are not so good at. Everyone has short comings, so don’t try to pretend like you are any different. By acknowledging certain things that you don’t do very well you will have an easier time identifying, and talking pride in, those things that you excel at.

– Step Out on a Limb. If you never take chances in your life, you will never know what you are capable of. Your confidence can get a huge boost from taking a chance and trying something new – even if you don’t succeed. You will be surprised to learn how much a failure can still lift your confidence. You will feel pride from taking a chance in the first place, and the fact that it didn’t work out will seem secondary by comparison.

– Accept a Compliment. This point goes hand in hand with the building a fan club. Some people are good at a very many things – except taking a compliment. When someone praises you, don’t downplay your accomplishment as ‘easy’ or say ‘anyone could have done it’. Take pride in what you have done. Your confidence is tied closely to what you achieve in life, and you won’t feel like you have achieved much if you always downplay the things you excel at. Take compliments when people offer them, and feel your confidence grow in the process.

– Meditate. Being that most of confidence comes from within, it makes good sense that you would look inside for that confidence. There is no better way to look inside you than to spend some time in quiet meditation. Our hectic lives can pull us away from ourselves and cause us to lose track of where our lives are headed. Use meditation as a way to re-organize your brain, and your life. The inner peace you will feel can build confidence by reminding you of just who you are, and what you are capable of.

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