The 10 Best Ways to Reduce Stress

best way to reduce stress

At its least, stress is a feeling that makes us uncomfortable and nervous. At its worst, it can be a silent killer. We all feel stress to some degree in our daily lives. It can even be beneficial if it motivates us to work harder. However, when stress spirals out of control it can take over our lives. Our brains become distracted at the thought of our stressors, and the constant worry is exhausting. You don’t have to let it control you, however. Use the following 10 tips to keep your stress levels well under control.

– Stop and breathe. If you feel your stress maxing out, a simple break for a few deep breaths may be all you need. Remove yourself from the situation and take slow deep breaths until the stressed feeling has dissipated.

– Show affection. Feeling connected to those around us can be a great stress reliever. In the proper situation, give someone a hug or hold hands. The positive emotions created by those simple actions will naturally fight your stress.

– Get a Pet. Pets are great at lifting our spirits and putting us in a good mood. Get a cat or dog for your home and let them cheer you up the next time stress has gotten the best of you. They won’t know the difference between your good and bad moods, and they will always be happy to see you.

– Give yourself a break. It’s a cliché to say that nobody’s perfect, but it’s true. Don’t hold yourself to unrealistic standards, and forgive yourself for making mistakes. Your stress levels will naturally be reduced if you’re not trying to be perfect.

– Get organized. Stress is a natural byproduct of feeling out of control. Make lists to sort out your daily routine, and keep your house in tidy fashion. A well-organized life is a stress-free life.

– Let go of what-if. There is no faster way to waste time then sit around thinking about what might have been. The world is full of the endless possibilities, and you can stress yourself out contemplating all of them. Accept the hand that has been dealt to you, and make the best of it at every opportunity.

– Do your thing. Many people feel compelled to take on responsibilities that are not really theirs. While this can be a noble ambition, it can also lead to increased stress. First and foremost be responsible for your duties and don’t concern yourself with those that fall outside of your realm. If you have opportunity to help, that’s great, but don’t take on others responsibilities as your own. That’s a recipe for being stressed.

– Exercise. The endorphins created while exercising are natural stress fighters. Make daily physical activity part of your routine and you will notice an instant decrease in your stress levels. You will also be improving your physical appearance, which will naturally boost your self-confidence.

– Let it out. It’s OK to cry sometimes, and the act of crying can be a great release of stress from your body. The effort it takes to hold those emotions in only serves to increase your stress levels. Don’t be afraid to let it out – and lower your stress in the process

– Meditate. The act of meditation is basically the opposite of stress. Sitting in a quiet and peaceful place and clearing your head may be all it takes to reduce stress in your life. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best, and Meditation is beautiful in its simplicity.

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