The Importance of Imagination

importance of imagination

Do you have a good imagination? Do you think it’s important to your life? Or are you like many adults that believe that a good imagination is the domain only of children or artists? Nothing could be further from the truth – allowing your imagination to grow and develop can lead to incredible personal growth and a blooming of happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Play with the kids

Children’s imaginations are highly developed but we tend to lose our imaginative ability as we get older as the more rational side of our minds takes over. For kids, there can be a blurring of the boundaries between fantasy and reality, as the world they have created inside their heads can be every bit as real to them as the physical world. If you have kids in your life, then let them help you find your imaginative spark again. Play with them – this doesn’t mean play golf or kick some goals, but really let yourself be immersed in their fantasy world. Silence your adult rule-maker and just go along for the ride.

Meditate on it

Meditation can help you to access the part of your mind that you have long buried under layers of adult stress and anxiety. The world today is so busy and full of conflicting demands on your time – taking time to sit quietly and be mindful of the present moment can lead to rejuvenation of your mind as well as great benefits physically. Meditation is not difficult and it only takes a few minutes a day. Meditation has been shown to change and deepen our brainwave patterns from our normal waking state (beta) to alpha, theta and delta patterns. As you progress through the levels of meditation you will experience a profound increase in creativity and experience vivid, effortless imagery. You will finally gain access to the richness of your creative, imaginative self and experience for yourself the true importance of imagination.

Get messy!

Nothing helps bring out your creativity than being allowed to get good and messy. Have you always wanted to paint? Then go buy yourself the biggest canvas you can afford and some bright color paints and just go for it. Why don’t you check out what your local community college offers? Woodwork, photography, sewing, scrap booking…. There is a wealth of imaginative activities there just waiting. Don’t put it off any longer – make a date with your imagination. It’s important!

Use all your senses

The power of imagination can help bring your dreams to reality. The more fully and clearly you are able to imagine something, the more likely you will be to bring that dream to reality in your life.

Say you have a dream to move from your urban life to a country home. As you use your imagination to truly picture yourself living that life, then your dream will start to come alive for you. Use all your senses to ask yourself – what does my new life look like? What can I smell as I wake it in my new place of living? What can I taste? What can I hear? What can I feel on my skin?

You can apply the same principles to any area of change in your life. As you bring your dream to a clear and full experience in your mind, you are more able to act in a way that will lead to it becoming reality – you might just finally have the courage to leave that job you hate and move into the work area you have always dreamed of. You will realize the true and powerful importance of imagination as it helps to bring real change to your life.

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