What is Knowledge – and How Can You Improve Your Ability to Learn?

what is knowledge

Knowledge – can we ever really define what it is? We can think of it as having a familiarity with facts and skills, which we acquire through a combination of education and experience. Another concern that many people have, relating to gaining knowledge, is making sure that you are able to remember and recall the information when it is needed. This is where keeping your brain active can be extremely useful, and these suggestions can help you to achieve this.

Challenge your brain – every day

Making sure you attempt an activity that requires thought every day is a great way to keep your brain active and help to improve your memory. When the puzzles you do on a regular basis start to feel as though they are too easy, it is time to move on to the next level of difficulty, or choose a different type of puzzle.

Every time you try something new, your brain is making new connections and storing information. Having a go at as many different activities as you can is an excellent way to improve your brain capacity.

Meditate to improve brain function

A proven way to increase the processing power of your brain is to meditate on a regular basis. Studies have shown that regular meditation actually increases the amount of grey matter in the brain, which is the region that processes information. The number of connections between different regions of the brain – the white matter – is also increased as a result.

A light state of meditation leads to alpha brainwave patterns being produced, and this is the state of mind that is most effective for learning. A deeper state of meditation, which produces theta brainwave patterns, is better for problem solving.

Get plenty of sleep

The deepest level of meditation actually occurs when you are sleeping, and this is essential for refreshing the mind and enabling you to feel renewed. This actually produces a delta brainwave pattern.
Sleeping is much easier when you are comfortable and able to fully relax, so take a critical look at your sleeping environment. Does the mattress support your body properly, or is it starting to go saggy and lumpy? Do the pillows provide enough support for your head, while still avoiding placing any excess strain on your neck? Perhaps you would also benefit from wearing an eye mask or a pair of ear plugs, to block out any extraneous light and noise.

You also need to make sure you are relaxed before you go to bed. Getting into a routine can help with this, so perhaps take a bath or shower before you get ready for bed. Avoiding both caffeine and alcohol will also help you to get a much better night’s sleep.

Exercise regularly

Looking after your body is just as important as exercising your mind. Exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, gets the blood flowing faster and means that more oxygen and glucose is able to be supplied to the brain. This makes it easier for the additional grey and white matter from your brain training to develop. Therefore, in order to really improve the functioning of your brain, you should also make sure that you exercise your body as well.
Improving your brain function will take time and effort, but there is no reason why it cannot be achieved, if you are determined to work hard. Be aware that you will not see immediate results, and don’t become disheartened if it is taking longer than you expect. An improvement in brain function and memory is worth working for, and you will achieve this.

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