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manifesting abundance

The abundant life you have always dreamed of is well within your reach. You have within you everything you need to achieve happiness, health and prosperity. Manifesting abundance requires a positive thought process and a willingness to accept the blessings that the universe has to offer you.

In order to learn how to “manifest’” abundance in your life you must first understand how the process works. Manifestation is the process of creating what you want, instead of waiting around for some person or circumstance to make it happen for you.

You Get More Of What You Dwell On

The laws of the universe dictate that you get more of what you dwell on. The universe is made up of energy and everything has energy, including your thoughts. When you focus on a certain aspect of your life, energy is vibrated into the universe and it reciprocates with more of the same type of energy. In other words, if a person focuses on living abundantly, the universe will respond in kind. That is why it is essential to reject negative thoughts that enter your mind and nurture the positive energy that supports your dreams.

Visualize the achievement of your ultimate goal. Don’t just “think” about it but allow yourself to feel it ad believe it from the depths of your soul. Imagine what your life will feel like when your fondest dreams are realized. Successful manifestation requires absolute faith that the things you desire are on their way to you. Use positive affirmations to train your subconscious to focus on the good things you want and deserve.

You Deserve Abundance

Before you can receive the abundance that is your birthright you have to believe that you are worthy of boundless prosperity, love and health. The universe is always ready to give. Many people have trouble attracting what they want because they are not emotionally programmed to receive.

Meditation can prepare your mind, body and soul for the blessings you are about to receive. It only takes a few minutes a day and can make all the difference in your ability to attract good things to your life. Meditation encourages you to be compassionate with yourself. When you meditate you are able to peel away the layers of anxiety, anger, shame and sadness that are blocking your path to abundance.

When a person is completely alone with their thoughts they are better able to understand the unhealthy beliefs that lurk in the subconscious. Once the damaging beliefs are understood it becomes easier to address them and eventually dismiss them from your life. The limiting thoughts become like “things” that just come and go and you will feel no emotional attachment to them. The clearing of negative emotions produces fertile ground in which positive affirmations can grow, thrive and become reality.

Take a few minutes every day to quiet our soul and focus your thoughts on your heart’s desire. Meditation allows you to center your mind and shut out all distractions. Take deep cleansing breaths and surrender yourself to the moment. Believe in your ability to attract abundance.

Buckle your seatbelt, turn off your electronic devices and put your seat in the upright position. Your dreams are next in line for takeoff and you are in for the ride of your life. You are going to soar higher than ever before. Enjoy the flight and embrace the abundant life you have created for yourself.

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