5 Techniques that Parents can Use for Faster Learning in Children

techniques for faster learning

Parents these days put too much pressure on their children when it comes to learning and education. We all want our kids to become competent in today’s cutthroat world that’s why we want to give them the best tools possible. However, if you force learning and books into young children, they may end up hating the whole idea of learning. They may even rebel and throw tantrums.
So what are the best and most effective techniques for faster learning? Here are some that we recommend:

1. Use Songs or Rhymes

Kids respond well to songs and nursery rhymes. If you want them to learn specific terminologies and concepts faster, try adding some music to them, or work them into a rhyme. The melody and rhythm of these learning tools are easily absorbed by even the youngest kids.

2. Active and Fun Learning

Another great technique for faster learning is by making the process fun and interactive. You can incorporate games, puzzles, and even role play in order for the kids to have a unique experience. The more engaged they are, the more likely they’ll remember the concepts. Interactive games will engage more parts of their brain which will also speed up the learning process. And of course, fun activities are more memorable right?

3. Repetition

Repetition is one of the most effective techniques for faster learning. It doesn’t have to be done in one session (say, memorizing a chapter in one day), sometimes, it’s more effective if you go over certain concepts for just a few minutes every day. With just the right amount of repetition, you can inculcate learning without burning the children out.

4. Rewards and Incentives

If you want to motivate children and make them learn faster, it’s a good idea to try rewards and incentives. For example: give them a slight increase in their allowance for every A they get, or allow them to choose what’s for dinner once they’ve successfully told you the capitals of a few US states. The rewards are up to you. Positive motivation is always a great technique for faster learning.

5. Quiet time, Relaxation and Meditation

Badgering your children into learning is not a great technique if you want them to learn faster. Sometimes, a bit of quiet time is better to so they can absorb knowledge at a better pace. Giving you and your kids some quiet time is great for melting away anxiety, anger or confusion. Why don’t you spend a few minutes every day just sitting quiet with your kids, while listening to calming music? Give them time to focus on what they want to think about. Ask them to think about their dreams and aspirations. Let their mind wander. Relaxation and meditation is not just for adults you know. Young ones have their own version of it too, you just need to guide them to it. When your child is calm enough and relaxed, his mind can better focus and he will be able to learn things faster.

There are numerous techniques for faster learning, the key is always to support your kids and show them your appreciation.

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