3 Learning Tips that Improve Intake and Recall

learning tips

Most learning tips revolve around improving your memory. This allows you to pick up on information more easily and recall it quickly in the event that you need it again. Both aspects of the memory process are essential to being able to learn effectively and use the knowledge you have gained in a new situation. You must be able to use the facts you have learned in situations with new triggers in order for it to be effective. For example, if you read a set of instructions for tying knots you need to be able to use this information when handling an actual set of ropes.

Using Multiple Learning Strategies

Learning information in a variety of ways helps cement this knowledge in your mind. If you use multiple strategies to take in information, multiple pathways will be built in your brain, making it easier to recall the information you have learned more quickly.

Different learning strategies include:

  • Reading information
  • Explaining information to others
  • Creating a project based on the information you have learned
  • Practicing a physical skill
  • Relating new information to skills or data you already know

Learn and Practice Often

One of the most common learning tips that experts offer is repetitive learning. Once you learn a new skill, it is important to practice it often. This will cement muscle memory and strengthen connections in the brain that allow you to remember this information when you need it. You may notice that when you stop doing something like playing an instrument or playing a game, it is significantly more difficult to perform this task effectively when you pick it up again later. This is why rehearsing and getting in plenty of practice time is so important for performers and athletes.

You also need to find ways to stretch your mind every day to keep it sharp. Learning new things helps your brain continue to produce gray matter that can be used to store memories. Your brain will dispose of excess brain matter when it is not being utilized, so you want to do what you can to promote this healthy growth as often as possible. Read regularly, play mind games or perform tasks that require you to memorize combinations. Any task that requires you to actively think about what you are doing or absorb information around you will help you build the necessary gray matter to learn effectively.

Improve Concentration

It is much easier to learn if you are able to gather information quickly. Paying attention to what you are reading, hearing or seeing will help you make note of important concepts you might need to take in. Learning tips recommend that you practice meditation to improve your focus to improve learning. When performed effectively, meditation promotes “whole brain synchronization” that allows all portions of your brain to work harmoniously so you can take in information around you without distraction. This also increases the chances that you will be able to store information effectively.

You can also improve focus by channeling your energy into the task at hand. When you feel stressed, tired, or anxious you are depleting energy that you could be putting toward learning a new task. Everyone will feel these emotions at some point or another. The key is to do what you can to address these emotions before you try to take on another task. Find tools that help you channel your emotions in a healthy way such as cooking, going for a walk or getting some rest. Taking the time to expel excess energy will help you maintain your focus and effectively “pump you up” to start learning.

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