3 simple steps to realizing the power of intention in your life

power of intention

Are you drifting through your life with no defined purpose? Many of us do but fail to realize the immensity of what is lost by this approach to life. Living a life of intent can transform your life on so many levels. To have ‘intention’ is to have a specific purpose in performing an action or a series of actions. It is living a deliberate life, not just allowing life to sweep you along with the tide.

People have described the time before they learnt to live with deliberate intent as feeling like sleepwalking. If that sounds like it describes you, then read on to find out how to start living your life like you really mean it.

1. Practice mindfulness

To live with intention, you must first learn to live fully in the present moment. The most effective way to learn mindfulness is to learn how to meditate. By its’ nature, meditation brings you fully and completely into the present, allowing your body to fully relax and your mind to be fully engaged in the meditation. There are countless types of meditation from the simple awareness of breathing, to advanced and complex practices. It is best to start simply and build your practice from there.
Meditation is without equal for allowing you to access your subconscious mind. When you begin to enter the relaxed state of meditation, you will find that your anxieties will begin to lift away and the usual ceaseless chatter of everyday life will begin to quiet. In this state you are able to think more creatively and to open the pathway to your authentic self. As you continue meditating you will find yourself becoming more and more in-tune with your real nature and start to develop powerful intentions as to how you desire to live your life. Then you will be on the way to mastering the power of intention in your life.

2. Chill with the kids

Kids are great at mindfulness and masters of intention – there is much you can learn by watching them. You only need watch a small child at play to see how completely focused and totally absorbed in the present moment that they are. Their whole being is engaged. Kids are also masters of intent – if a toddler wants your attention, for example, they sure will get it! As kids get older, they begin to lose their ability to be completely engaged in the present, and the focus of their intention weakens as they start to take more notice of outside influences. By the time a child has reached the teenage years, the pressures from school, parents, friends and society in general can completely overwhelm their own intentions and sense of self. No wonder the time of adolescence can feel so confusing! If you have children, spend time affirming their own sense of self and, where practical, allow them to act on their own intentions. This is a really positive way to allow your children to grow up with the power of intention still intact in their lives.

3. Write it out

Committing something to paper makes it more real, just by the act of writing it down. You might consider keeping a journal where you detail your intentions. Living with intention is similar to setting goals, but it goes deeper than that. It is an attitude and mindset to the way that you approach life and it will pervade all aspects of your life. Sure, you may wish to write in your journal about specific physical goals you intend on realizing, such as achieving a new job or saving a certain amount of money. You may equally like to write about your intention to develop personal qualities. It is important to use positive language when you write your intentions. Sometimes, finding out what you really want, to the point where you can clearly articulate it, takes time. This is where keeping an intention journal can really help. You can also document your successes. As you continue with these simple steps and journaling your experience, you will soon be able to see how the power of intention has transformed your life.

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