Mindfulness Meditation:These 4 Simple Words Can Change Your Life Forever!

what is mindfulness meditation

Live in the moment. Believe it or not, those four simple words have the capacity to change your life forever. The concept of living in the moment sounds easy but few people can actually make it happen. Life is filled with distractions, stresses and obligations that zap our energy and deter us from our goal of mindful living.

Small children are “experts” at living in the moment. When they are playing they are entirely spontaneous and give absolutely no thought to what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Whether they are drawing a picture, playing with a puppy or tossing a ball, they are totally focused on the matter at hand. As we get older life becomes more complicated and living in the moment begins to look like an unattainable goal. Our inability to focus causes us to lose sight of the present joys in our lives that come through nature’s beauty, the laughter of a child or a smile from a close friend.

Many of us focus on past mistakes and refuse to let go of painful experiences. When we do this, we poison our present happiness. By the same token, if we spend time worrying about what might or might not happen tomorrow, we miss the momentary joys of life. We become so removed from the present that mindful living seems elusive.

But you can do it. Anybody can.

All it takes is a desire to make it happen. The key to living in the moment is mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation encourages self-observation without criticism. It is about being kind to yourself.

Mindful Meditation Changes Your Perspective

Mindfulness meditation requires you to focus your complete attention on your breath as it flows in and out of your body. When you focus on each breath you are able to focus on your thoughts as they occur and you learn to gradually let go of the ones that trouble you. You learn that you have a choice about how you act on your thoughts. If practiced regularly, mindfulness meditation can have a profound effect on your happiness and contentment. This is how people who practice mindfulness meditation learn to “live in the moment.”

Meditation is particularly helpful for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. It boosts your mindfulness because it has physical effects on brain activity. Mediation also increases levels of serotonin and endorphins, both of which are associated with happiness and contentment.

Here are 6 ways that mindfulnesss meditation contributes to mental well-being:

  • You feel less anxious and fearful
  • You learn to forgive yourself
  • You focus on the positive aspects of your life
  • You experience better physical health
  • You strengthen cognitive skills
  • You feel refreshed

Make today the day that you adopt “living in the moment” as your mantra. Let go of past disappointments and deal with tomorrow when it arrives. Today is a precious gift and life is too short to let it slip through your hands. Spend a few minutes each day in mindfulness meditation. Over time you will gain control of your thoughts and they will lose their power over you. The true secret to your happiness comes from within.

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