Natural Remedies For Manic Depression Can Help You Safely

natural remedies for manic depression

Many of yesterday’s medical problems have been solved by modern science – we have antibiotics to treat infection and excellent surgical techniques to remedy hundreds of conditions that would have resulted in death previously. However, the science of the mind is still ‘Terra Incognita’ (unknown territory) to a very great extent. Our understanding of how the mind works and how to help when something has gone awry is still fairly hit-and-miss, and this pertains to manic depression, which affects about 12 million people in the United States.

Manic depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is thought to be a combination of heredity and environmental factors, and usually consists of a manic phase and a depressed phase. At times, only one of the phases will be present, although alternation between the two is ‘normal’ for this condition.

Manic Depression Is A Two-Headed Beast

During the manic phase, you will generally be exhibiting some very definite behavior patterns:

• High energy level
• Grandiose schemes and plans
• An elevated sense of self
• Higher sexual drive
• Decreased need for sleep
• Elation and/or irritability
• Mind running at full speed

The flipside of the manic phase is, of course, the depressive, which basically reverses what you might have previously felt:

• Fatigue
• Either insomnia or sleeping too much
• Loss of appetite or binge eating
• Feeling that you are insignificant and unworthy
• Slacking on basic hygiene
• Inability to concentrate
• Headaches, chronic pain, digestive problems that have no physical cause

Natural Remedies For Manic Depression

Both men and women can develop manic depression and it usually strikes in the decade between age 15 and 25. This condition can plague you for your entire life unless you take steps to stop it in its tracks so that you can get as much as possible out of life. Although many people turn to psychoanalysis and various prescription medications to try to deal with manic depression, there are natural ways to help get you back to living life as you wish.

• Vitamin supplements can often help bring you back to a more settled way of thinking. It has been found that deficiencies in Vitamins B-6 and B-12 can cause at least the depressive phase of manic depression. If your body is low on zinc and manganese, it can also trigger bipolar disorder. Finding a good vitamin supplement and taking it religiously can often help to break the manic depression cycle.

• Once again, it is seen that exercise is an excellent way for you to stabilize your moods. Not only does exercise keep stress hormones at a minimum (which could contribute to the two phases), but it also increases circulation, helping your organs and tissues receive the ‘nourishment’ that they need. In many cases, exercise also gets you out of the house.

• Meditation also has great value as a natural remedy for manic depression. Although the phases of manic depression may seem to be opposite, in some ways, they mesh – both phases cause a ‘jumbled’ state of mind where concentration is difficult and a state of tranquility is absent. Meditation can help calm and relax you and will dispel the turmoil in your mind. The ‘key phrase’ that you will use to enter an elevated state of meditation can also be used whenever you feel either depression or excitability coming on in everyday situations.

• Diet can also play quite a part in manic depression. Too many people eat a diet that contains too much sugar, salt, artificial ingredients, and fat. It may surprise you to learn that most artificial ingredients have never been tested for possible mental or physical side effects. Eliminating sugar from your food list is a first step, but a good natural remedy for manic depression will also seek to remove all potentially harmful foods from the menu and stick to the freshest, most natural food available.

The possible side effects from anti-depressive prescription medication are often very serious, and sometimes do a great deal more harm than good. Combining several natural remedies for manic depression, such as meditation with a dietary change, can help you to beat this condition and live a normal life.

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