The Top Eight Natural Remedies for Anxiety

natural remedies for anxiety

They’re a mixture of things you can take and you can do

Whether you’re talking about food, shelter, clothing or most of the things that are part of our lives, “natural” is the way to go. The consensus is that if it’s natural it’s safer, more eco-friendly and has less side effects. This applies to ways of helping to deal with anxiety as well. While medication is often prescribed for treatment of anxiety, there are natural alternatives. Here are the top eight natural remedies for anxiety:

Vitamins and minerals

Some mental and emotional problems have been traced to vitamin and mineral deficiency. Magnesium, especially, is necessary to keep the brain’s neurotransmitters in balance and maintain the nervous system in a healthy state. Vitamins B6 and B12 are also helpful for people suffering from anxiety. Addressing the deficiencies in these vitamins and minerals with supplements as part of a healthy diet is among the most common natural remedies for anxiety.

Herbal products

Certain plants and herbs have been associated with treating the condition since ancient times. Valerian Root and St. John’s Wort are the more popular examples of herbal medicines with anti-anxiety properties. These herbal remedies have been known to give a person a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Homeopathic treatments

Although frowned upon by the medical community, practitioners of homeopathy maintain that certain homeopathic remedies can soothe anxiety and put the nervous system in balance. Compounds like Aconitum Napellus, Argentum Nitricum, Arsenicum Album and many others are recommended for specific types of anxiety attacks.


Drawn from ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture is one of the more exotic of the top eight natural remedies for anxiety. It involves inserting thin metal needles in specific parts of the body to allow the free flow of energy. The belief is that anxiety is caused by blockages in the organs, blood and nervous system. The needles remove these blockages and provide relief.


There are clinical trials which show that meditation can lower the blood pressure and heart rate [comma] thereby producing a feeling of relaxation and an overall sense of wellbeing. The deep breathing that is part of meditation addresses the lack of oxygen, often a reason for feelings of anxiety. Studies show that mindfulness meditation increases gray matter concentration in the area of the brain involved in emotional control.

Massage Therapy

A good massage relieves tension and reduces stress, making it an excellent remedy for anxiety. There are about 80 styles of massage therapy, each one with a specific purpose. Some studies have shown that massage therapy can lower the blood pressure and heart rate. It can also relieve “trait anxiety” (a general tendency towards anxiety), “state anxiety” (one caused by a specific situation), depression and pain.


Plants and herbs do not have to be ingested in order to produce relaxing effects. Essential oils from plants like lavender, melissa, jasmine and rose can have soothing effects when used in a bath or burned for inhalation while one is resting. Some preliminary clinical studies show that aromatherapy helps the body to find a natural way to heal itself.

Home remedies

Many items found around the house are known to help relieve anxiety. Almonds and oranges, baking soda, onions, celery and corn oil can have soothing effects when they are applied on the skin, used in the bath or eaten. A little research on the therapeutic effects of many household items can help you discover natural anxiety-busters right in your own kitchen.

Natural remedies are often used in combination with other methods to relieve anxiety. Meditation, for instance, together with physical exercises, massage and aromatherapy can prove more effective in relieving anxiety than any one single method. Become familiar with these top eight natural remedies for anxiety to help you arrive at a combination that works for you.

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